Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pivotal Moments

The New Voices contest has entered its final stage with the posting of the last piece of writing from the final four entrants. They have written their 'pivotal moments' and these are now posted on the web site, ready for your votes. I've been intrigued to see exactly what the authors and their mentors defined as a 'pivotal' moment - never having actually thought of a point in my stories as being 'pivotal' - I now see that it's a very good term for a particular moment. (Kate stores away the term 'pivotal moment' for future reference in writing classes and workshops. )

It's always interesting to see how editors talk about writing in a way that is very slightly different from the authors. Even when we are analysing our work. I'm always slightly wary that writing 'towards a pivotal moment' or planning around one might work against some writers by making them write too much to a plan and so not working with the characters to progress naturally to such a point because it's inevitable because of who they are and what is happening to them. I suppose I have always only ever really known for sure that a certain moment is 'pivotal' when I look at its place in my story and seen the Before and After effect. The way things are leading up to that moment and the way they are changed for ever after it.

I'm a great believer in the importance of Before and After

In other news, the Mills and Boon web site has just had a great new makeover in line with the new look covers that are now firmly established on the shelves - it's still in the development stage so not all the links are working fully yet, but it's a fresh new look.
(Sorry but theThe Good Greek Wife? is still sold out on there! So if you're looking for a copy you'll have to try Amazon or The Book Depository. Of course, in America it's still out in the shops.)

And this is the last week to enter my great big 25th Anniversary Celebration Contest with your chance to win one of 25 prizes of a signed copy of one of my backlist books and a special Kate Walker tote bag. (I use mine all the time - it just folds up inside my handbag for those unexpected bits of shopping so that you don't have to have a nasty plastic bag.)

Full details are on the Contest page.

Closing date is October 31st. And Sid the Cat is gearing up to help me pick the winners - he's licking his lips in anticipation of the 25 cat treats he has to pick. He'll be one very happy cat on Monday.
And probably on Friday too when I shall have some good news for want-to-be wrtiters. I'll have a blog giveaway then so Sid will be needed to help me pick. So don't forget to come by on Friday to hear all about it.


Rachael Thomas said...

So glad you're going to look at pivotal moments in future courses. I entered the NV comp and did agonise over what exactly that would be if I'd got that far.
Looking forward to finding out at Fishguard next February.

CCMacKenzie said...

Hello Kate Walker

I believe a pivotal moment tends to be the next crucial logical step in a character's development.

When the hero or heroine realises he/she has fallen in love. Or he/she realises they are wrong and have a made a mistake. Or when he/she is devastated by behaviour/information received etc.

It can also be the moment when the whole story is turned on its head for the reader.

What I'm tryng to say (and not making a very good job of it) is that a pivotal moment can be many things.

Personally, I find they appear when the time is right for the story. I don't need to work towards them. They seem to happen organically, in their own time.

Last night I wrote a couple making love for the first time. It was a huge pivotal moment for them (and for me too, lol!) When I began to write it, I had no idea it would become a big deal. But it did and that's the joy of this craft. You just never know what is going to happen next.

Rachael - lucky you going to Fishguard next week. One day I hope to join you. Have a great time.

All the best to the four pivotal moments in the NV competition.

Christine Carmichael


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