Monday, March 28, 2011

Have Your Say

There's a new section over on the Mills & Boon web site - ir's called Have Your Say - and here editor Flo Nicholls explains all about it -

The eagle-eyed community regulars amongst you might have noticed a new banner on the Mills & Boon home page, intriguingly called Have Your Say. But what’s it all about, and why should you check it out?

Well, some pretty major technological advances have actually been going on behind the scenes at Romance HQ in the last few months. Some of you might remember the Mills & Boon Monitor Panel, where we asked you to submit your monthly thoughts on our books. We’re pleased to announce that, after a brief disappearance to allow for its snazzy makeover, the monitor panel is back up and running, this time online, and with the brand new name of Have Your Say.

But why is your opinion so important to Romance HQ?

Mills & Boon is unique in being the only publisher that corresponds directly with its readers to actively solicit feedback. Not only do we love to know what you make of the books (we have a monthly departmental meeting largely dedicated to assessing reader feedback, it’s completely fascinating), we also use this information to shape our editing strategies: after all, we want to make sure we’re delivering books you actually want to read!

In short, Romance HQ would be nothing without its fabulously loyal and passionate fan base! We’re also 100% dedicated to asking for, listening and hopefully catering to your romance-reading wishes. So, the message this week is simple - visit Have Your Say, enjoy the easy step-by-step reviewing process and share your thoughts! From the amazing variety of responses to this blog, you’re clearly all readers with strong, interesting and constructive opinions – exactly the type of feedback we want to be getting.

What are you waiting for?! If you fancy playing a part in shaping the Mills & Boon books of the future, log on  and get reviewing!

And on a personal note,  while you're visiting the Mills & Boon web site - take a look at the Top 10 bestsellers list. At the beginning of the month The Proud Wife was up there at #1 for several weeks and now, at the end of the month, it has jumped back in at #4 again!  And it's never been out of the Top Ten M&B books over on Amazon all month!

All I can say  to the wonderful readers who have bought my book to put it on the list  is - thank you!


Nas Dean said...

Thanks Kate for bringing Flo over to explain to us about Have Your Say!

And congratulations for the #1 position on the M&B site for The Proud Wife!

BiteMeAsh said...

Congrats Kate it is well deserved!!!

Rita from South Africa


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