Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thank you

Thank you all so very much for your lovely messages of sympathy and care - so0me on my blog, on Facebook and some private ones. I have been truly touched by each and every one of them - and so appreciated the fact that you took the time and trouble to write.

The Babe Magnet  too has read every message and they have made him smile and say  how kind people have been - and you have! I always knew my readers and fellow writers were wonderful - you all just proved it. And you helped to make a stressful and difficult week so much more bearable knowing you were thinking of us.

I think Quillers put her finger on things when she said:

I was struck by the words 'Joy has been part of my life for the last 40 years'. It says it all really, doesn't it? It sounds as if she was aptly named.

So true - Joy was actually named Joyce but no one ever called her that. We won't have her physical presence and joy in our life  - but there will be plenty of joy in our hearts and memories

Thank you again


Cara Cooper said...

Have just caught up on your sad news Kate. So sorry to hear about Joy. You have lost something you can't replace but as you say, the memories are the important thing and the fact that someone dear has enhanced our lives is a wonderful thing. Take care.

Jan Jones said...

Oh Kate, so sorry to hear of all this. I've only just now caught up with your sad news of Joy and Dylan.

Many many (((((((hugs))))))) for you and BM

Rachael Thomas said...

So sorry to hear of you sad news and my thoughts are with you both.


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