Friday, March 11, 2011

Just for fun . . . .

I'm having a rather complicated week.  One where as soon as I  get one thing done then something - or two somethings -  new takes its place.  Yesterday I felt as if I was spinning a bit and  a worry about  a dear old pet (Dylan the eldest of our cats is missing ) is adding to the feeling of not quite getting a grip on things.  So I've been struggling a little.

One of the things that's being planned is loosely connected to the upcoming Royal Wedding - now you can't have missed that!  So I was really  rather  delighted when I spotted an article in one of the daily papers  that announced 'Knit your own Royal Wedding'.  Years ago, I would have loved to do just that. I knitted  toys for the Offspring and then for craft sales for charity - starting with Humpty Dumpty, moving on to snowmen, clowns, dolls . .. 
I have no time at all for this sort of thing now - though I was tempted when I saw that I could knit myself the Queen, Prince William and Kate  - not to mention a couple of corgis!  ButI have a dreadline, and the prospect of several unexpetced  extras coming up  so I'll have to pass on this particular souvenir of the royal event.

I may be involved in  working with M&B to help celebrate it in other ways . .  . but I'll say more about that when I know fully.

One thing though, looking at these cute kn itted dolls and remembering the  time  the ones I used to make always took to put together, I think that these two interests of mine  are sort of linked - in that as with writing romance, no one ever quite understood the concentration to detail that went into making the craft toys either!

I do think they are fun though - so I thought I'd share them with you.  If you want to see them in more detail or read more about the individual figures then you'll find the full article here.

PS And also in the newspapers, I just found this interesting article on a project I helped a bit with last year and the one before. when I  talked with Julie Moggan about her documentary Guilty Pleasures and was several events that she was filming.  It will be fascinating to see the finished result - and she gives my name as one of the writers whose books she enjoyed!


Nas Dean said...

Hi KAte,

Thanks for bringing the article about Guilty Pleasures to our notice. And it's so true.

Even in my small country where M&B is priced quite high, you still see young college girls to working woman carrying M&B around!

Nas Dean said...

So sorry about your missing pet.

See reading the article about M&B, everything else goes out of the mind!

Rachael Thomas said...

I do hope you find Dylan soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate, Sorry to hear that Dylan has gone missing! I hope he turns up soon. I know how precious they all are to you and you must be so worried.

Sending you a big {{hug.}}


Kaelee said...

Kate, I'm so sorry Dylan is missing. I hope you can find him.

I enjoyed the article about Guilty Pleasures.

I love the knitted figures. I have made knitted dolls in the past and they do take a bit of time to finish. I would love to know how many ladies are working away on their wedding party dolls. Much nicer than china in my opinion.

lidia said...


I hope that Dylan comes home soon!


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