Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What day is it again?

I knew I was  busy - get caught up  after getting home from the Fishguard course, then things start happening again. Some exciting things  on the horizon - possibly - that I'll share with you when I can.

(I'm still smiling S-O-O widely though because The Proud Wife is still at # 1 on the Mills & Boon web site sales list!  That's three weeks now.  And the ebook version on eHarlequin has already appeared in their bestsellers list.)

Maybe that was what blew my mind because today I was totally convinced that I had an appointment this evening - if you've checked out my Events page, you'll see that I'm appearing with the Babe Magnet at Lincoln Book Festival in May- doing our Crime and Passion talk.  So there was to be  a reception to launch the Book Festival programme and everyone appearing at the festival was invited . . .

Lincoln - 7.30  . . . 

So we worked everything round that.  Clothes to wear, makeup (for me!) someone to feed the cats - check, check, check.

All organised and planning to set out and spend some time in Lincoln  . . . when I thought I'd better check the invitation . .

It's for tomorrow! 

Oh well, we had a trial run. 

So I'll be in Lincoln tomorrow.   And if you're in Doncaster or anywhere near it, then the Magnet and I will be at Waterstone's helping  them celebrate World Book Night   on Saturday evening
That's Saturday 5th March 6pm - 8pm 

Maybe I'll see you there  -  Unless I get the day wrong again!


Nas Dean said...

Congratulations on THE PROUD WIFE being No 1 on the M&B site!

Kaelee said...

Kate ~ Congratulations on The Proud Wife in #1 spot.

Your event could have been yesterday and you missed it completely. You are such a busy person.


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