Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Constantine's Revenge

Last week I blogged about my very first Greek hero.  He appeared in the book Constantine's Revenge which was first published in 2000.  The reason I was talking about it was because Constantine's Revenge has just been re-sissued as an ebook. 

I knew that this book was very popular when it came out and that a lot of people have written to tell me hat ti is one of their favourite - if not the favourite  - of my books but even so I  was stunned to see the speed with which this particular title was rushing  up the bestseller lists of my own ebooks  over on eHarlequin. Starting at the bottom of the 40+ titles I've had issued in ebook form, it raced up first ten and then twenty places in the blink of an eye or so it seemed.

I was delighted but not quite sure why this had happened - but then over on We Write Romance where I'd written my  Kate's Corner blog also last week, someone commented that she ahd been waiting to get hern hands on a reissue of Constantine's Revenge because she had read about it in my 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance  and so wanted to read the book itself.

I'd forgotten that in the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance I had used Constantine's Revenge  as an example of how to use a synopsis to put in the emotional reasons and the emotional changes in  a story, giving first the plain simple facts and then a second version using the emotionas to deepen the story.  When I wrote the original  workshop of the 12 Point Guide of course copies of Constantine's Revenge were more easily available  - now they are less easy to come by. So the renewed interest in the reissue in ebook form.

Funny how I'd never registered that might happen - and I'm so glad that the reissue has created such interest as a result.

Oh, and if you are into ebooks, then don't forget there has been a recent reissue of the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance on KINDLE - and the publisher is working on an edition that will be available on other ebook readers too.


Kerrin said...

Oh, must go and snap up myself a copy of Constantine's Revenge!

Cora Zane said...

Hi Kate, I only recently found your blog. I wanted to let you know I appreciate all the posts on layering conflict, and how to build a sustainable plot. I've never heard it explained like that before, and it's been very helpful.

I just now bought your 12 points guide on Kindle, and plan to start reading that this evening. I hope it will help me with a problem I'm having with my current project.

I don't know if I'm having an issue with character arc, theme, or conflict, so I'm not sure how to pinpoint the problem so I can fix it.

I have an idea for a conflict, and while I feel it's deep enough, and I'm sure it will last the length of the book; for some reason the heroines goals/motivation doesn't seem to either mesh with/oppose the hero's goals and... I don't know. Something just feels "off".

I can't explain it, and when I start looking at my novel, I see that I'll have to take the story out on a tangent to be able to resolve it.

I hope your guide will be able to tell me if this is a specific problem, and/or how to work around it.

All the best,


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