Monday, June 20, 2011

Return of The Stranger

A quick look at this morning brought me the discovery of my latest Presents cover  - the one for The Return of The Stranger - out in October  (October 4th according to Amazon - though I think that's a little early.)
It's interesting that when I know my editor had suggested a scene in the middle of the night - in a thunderstorm where my hero arrives at the heroine's house after he has been attacked, his shirt ripped, his face bruised, this is the result.,  She also did mention the emerald stud in one ear.  Which doesn't show on this or the UK M&B Modern cover.  Personally I'd rather have seen him look a bit more - ruffled,  a little less as if he's just come home from a business dinner.

So now I'm wondering - do you prefer the more rugged hero of the UK edition?   Just to remind you - that looks like this:
Which cover would grab you more?

The USA one seems to have a good setting - though we can't quite see it. It may show up well on the Australian cover and there is a look of passion about it -

But  would you rather a cover showed a more rough and ready hero image if that was his character in the book? Or if it suited the scene better?  And what abot the emerald stud?   A yes or a no?

I know which one make me think more of my hero - but which would make you take the book off the shelves?


Charl McFall said...

I much prefer the uk version he looks more handsome, but not too dolled up and I wouldn't have the earring, I don't like my men wearing them.

Morton S Gray said...

Uk version definitely, although he looks a bit young. The earring wouldn't do anything for personally. Good luck with the book. Mx

Anonymous said...

USA cover because I like to see both the heroine and the hero on the cover, Diane

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to mention..yes for the stud hubby wears one and it's very sexy, Diand

Kiru Taye said...

The UK cover is just dreamy, sexy, HOT.
That's the one I want. :o))

Caroline said...

Pass me a fan Kate - but the UK version rocks IMHO of course!! Caroline x

ilona said...

I prefer the UK version as he seems to fit your description better, plus I just love a good looking guy on the cover of a romance.
As to earrings - bring them on! I love a man who is confident and masculine enough to wear one without embarrassment :D

lidia said...

Kate, I like the UK version better. Love the scruffy look.

Kerrin said...

I much prefer the UK covers - they are so lovely!


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