Saturday, June 18, 2011

May - You Write Your Novel

I don't know if you know this already, but over on her special blog, Sally Quilford has been running a special  challenge to write an 80k novel in 80 days - any style, any genre. She's been posting word counts, encouragement - and guest blogs from published authors to offer advice and help to get you writing  - and keep you keeping on.

Sally asked me to join in by writing a guest post too - specifically on writing Category Romance, but offering advice that could be useful for every genre too. (The brilliant historical novelist Karen Maitland - author of The Company of Liars  and The Gallows Curse has been kind enough to say that: "I  regularly recommend your Twelve Point Guide to writing Romance to my Creative Writing Students. I'm glad to say, they all agree it is one of the most helpful books they've read on writing and works for all types of fiction." )
Anyway, my post is up now on Sally's blog I hope it helps anyone aiming at this sort of fiction - or any other genre.
And I need to announce a couple of winners -  Sid has done his job, and the winners of a copy of The Proud Wife  are:
Becky  and
Please can you email me - see the link at the bottom of the page - and let  me know your postal address so I can send your prizes on to you. I hope you'll come along  to The Pink Heart Society and discuss it on June 30th - and I'll hope to see lots of you  there.


Laura Vivanco said...

Kate, that link isn't working. I did enjoy the detective work needed to find your guest post, though.

Kate Walker said...

Thank you Laura - I've amended that link - which did work when I put it up! - and let's hope the gremlins have gone away and it works properly now


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