Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

So here it is - January 1st 2012 - so I want to take this opportunity to wish a hppy new year to all my friends and readers who hjave shared this past year with me through my books, my blogs and your kind messages - I've valued them so much. And I hope that 2012 treats you kindly with love and joy to create happy memories to take out and look again at this time next year and smile as you remember.

As it's also the first Sunday of the month, my regular blog post is over on Tote Bags 'N' Blogs so that's where you'll find me today. 2011 ended as it began, in away that made me think of everyone I love and value want them to know how I feel. (I'll share the reasons for this with you when I can.) I count each and every reader and friend amongst those valuable people. Without you I couldn't continue to write and create stories and I have my loyal readers in mind as I write - wanting to please you with the new ones I'm creating. So thank you all for being there and for sharing.

And tallking of sharing - Flora has at last condescended to pick two winners for the last Countdown prizes - and the winners are Summer and Tash NZ - ladies, you know the routine. Please email me with your postal addresses so that I can send your prizes .

To end with a little bit of  personal good news . Romantic Fiction on Line asked for nominations for Books Of The Year and recently published the list of all the nominees. I was thrilled to find that two of my own titles (The Proud Wife and The Return of the Stranger) were both included. Thank you to those who nominated them

You can see the full list of Books Of The Year here.

Happy New Year everyone.


Colleen said...

Happy New Year! :)
Congrats to Summer & Tash on their book wins!

Nell Dixon said...

Happy New Year, Kate!

Anonymous said...

Going to visit your guest post now! Happy New Year!

TashNz said...

Awww, thank you so much Kate, what an INCREDIBLE job you have done this year! I think you're amazing! I look forward to reading and supporting you in 2012. Happy Happy New Year! Tash

TashNz said...

P.S Congratulations on your books, I really really enjoyed The Proud Wife. Tash ( i havent read The Return of the Stranger yet). T

Mary Preston said...

Happy New Year!!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Kate, I hope 2012 brings you health and happiness. Congratulations on the nominations :-)

Caroline said...

Happy New Year Kate. Caroline x

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
Very excited to win! Thanks a million and Happy new year. What a great start for me to win here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
For some reason not able to sign through my email. Summer


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