Friday, January 27, 2012

Things that make you smile

It's grey and dreary and cold . . . and about to get very wet from the look of things, but  to brighten the day here are 3 things that made me smile -
1. An unexpected phone call from a dear friend (Thanks Duck!)

2. Some of you may remember that I sponsor a little girl  - J  - in an orphanage in Central African Republic throuhg SOS Children's Villages.   Two years  ago when the sponsorship started, I was sent a photo of her  - a wide-eyed, rather nervous looking little 7 year old. I just received this year's photo  of a much taller, healthy, smiling 9 year old, proudly wearing her new pink flowered dress - lovely to see how she's grown  and that smile  . . .

3. As I've mentioned, we have  builders here with work on the extension going on in the garden -  after days of gouging out earth  plus a great big hole in the ground ready for foundations there is now  one huge skip filled to the brim with unearthed  soil  – all soft and crumbly - just perfect for  one Charlie  Cat,  to scrape a nice neat hole  - well, making his own contribution to things,

Then jumping down with a ‘Man that’s SOME litter tray!’ look on his face!
Happy weekend everyone!


Liz Fielding said...

Glad the extension is coming along, Kate. No fun living with building work in the middle of winter, but at least Charlie is enjoying it!

marybelle said...

It's extremely wet here, has been for days & days. I'm thinking an ark might be the way to go.

A hot chocolate while listening to the wild weather outside made me smile. One of life's little pleasures.

PrincessFiona01 said...

It's raining on the other side of the world here in Australia.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Kate,
'Things that make us smile!'
I'm that other Kate Walker from Australia who causes you a little bother every now and them, when students send emails about children's stories. To increase the confusion further, I've started publishing ebooks as well (and some adult works) on Smashwords and the other ebook sites that Smashwords farms out to. The big epublishers, like Amazon, clump all our books in together, and what strange bed-fellows we make. At least it's reasonably easy to tell our books apart. Perhaps we should look on the bright side. People who wouldn't normally look for your books in my genres will spot them, and vice-versa. We may just have doubled our exposure. There's not much we can do about it anyway. It's too late for either of us to change our names.
Best wishes, and happy writing, Kate


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