Monday, January 09, 2012

Looking ahead

I spent the weekend at my desk with diaries, calendars, notebooks etc -anything to get away from the mud and chaos at the back where the extension is being built and the kitchen knocked through and revamped . . . This will be the way things will  be for a  month or more  now.
So I tried to impose some control over what I can deal with - the year I have coming up. And as lots of people have written to me to ask about courses/workshops etc that I have planned, I thought I'd let you know what's on offer. So - do you want to make this the year when you write that novel/ finish the romance story you started - maybe even submit it  and (we can hope!) get it published ?

Well if you'd like to come on one of my courses/workshops  there might be something here to help you. Looking ahead I'm going to be all over the place, with long courses, short ones, day workshops . . . Maybe one will suit you.

To start with - coming up  very soon  - there is the  Writers and Artists' Weekend at Fishguard Bay Hotel, Fishguard Pembrokeshire:


This event is held at a hotel with every convenience - all set in sub-tropical gardens with magnificent views and walks amidst 160 miles of outstanding and unspoilt coastal  and countryside which makes up the unspoilt Pembrokeshire National Park.

As always, the organisers Anne & Gerry  intend bringing you the best value for money each year - the best venue (which you will grow to love as much as we do) - the best workshop leaders (all experienced professionals), the very best choice of workshops all wrapped up in a superb, small, friendly and intimate event you’ll love from the time you arrive in Fishguard until the day that you leave. You can bring your partners for a leisurely weekend where they can enjoy the unspoilt walks - or just relax and soak up  the  atmosphere that Pembrokeshire instils in its guests.

There’s nothing extra to pay - they’ll even collect you from Fishguard or Haverfordwest Railway stations and return you there at the close of the event on Sunday afternoon.  You’ll have  a choice of single, double, or twin roomed, all en-suite accommodation (even taking the trouble to guarantee that you’ll have a room next to your friends), and excellent full board plus (vegetarian choices) hospitality for the duration of your stay with us. Fully inclusive, the only extra expense will be in the bar during the weekend, or if you wish to purchase a book or souvenir from the Bookroom.

All tutors are invited to join us by recommendation only. They have been selected for their unique ability to join in the informality that represents the most important aspect of all WRITERS' HOLIDAY events. The tutors will change each year but, the standard will not.

The event opens on Friday evening with a leisurely dinner followed by a short meet the workshop leader’s session. Throughout the day on Saturday and through until lunch on Sunday the weekend is crammed with a total of six workshop sessions. Guests will be encouraged to inform the workshop leader of their weekend requirements and what they wish to achieve.
    The all-in  price is £219  for the weekend.

(Book on line and save £10)

My course for this weekend is the Advanced Romance Writing Course. To  join these classes you need to have done a basic course either with me, or another tutor  as the course  is not for beginners. Designed especially for Fishguard to move you on in your writing, the whole weekend will be concentrated on this workshop - without other distractions. Guests are encouraged to complete work with me prior to the weekend commencement.   

This is an intensive weekend course - Friday night to Sunday lunchtime and we cram a lot into that time! (we have a lot of fun as well – ask any past student.) If you have any doubts as to whether you can mange this course, please check with me  using the email at the bottom of the page.

Here are some comments from past students at Fishguard -
A blinder of a course. I learned so much and . . . You were an inspiring teacher and brought so many useful guide posts to life for us. And made it all fun! . . . I ended the weekend with a much clearer idea of just what emotion and conflict mean in terms of novel writing. So thank you so much for laying so many riches before us. I really enjoyed every minute of the weekend.  ~ Janet Laurence
Your course was fabulous: interesting, stimulating and empowering.. . . thank for your dedication to all of us. You're a marvellous teacher. ~ Susan Moody

Thank you so much for all your energy and thoughts this weekend - a truly fabulous course which left me happily exhausted and full of enthusiasm for my upcoming week away writing. ~ Sarah Jane V

Last year this sold out almost as soon as it went on the site and numbers on this course are strictly limited but I have just had two unexpected cancellations so there are a few places still available if you  want to join us.
(And while you’re looking at the  Fishguard web site pages, take a look at the details for Caerleon Writers’ Holiday too – a fabulous writing experience.  I’ll be there in July too!)


PrincessFiona01 said...

It's at these times that I regret being on the other side of the world. I can think of nothing better than a writers course with a favourite author. To console me however I have just received my autographed prize of a Kate Walker Sheikh novel. A good week altogether receiving 17 back issues of Kate Walker books scrounged from ebay including quite a few from the '80's. Sorry nothing in it for you Kate but I am working on collecting them in ebook as well for which I assume you get your percentage. Will enjoy rereading them as I haven't seen some of them since their original printing. As for the writers course...I guess I'll have to settle for your book now it's on kindle ;-].

Mary Middleton - Romance writer said...

Looking forward with some trepidation to Fishguard, Kate. My first chapter will be winging its way to you later on today I hope.

Maria from 'gaelikaa's diary' said...

While some romance novelists bring out a colossal amount of books I've noticed that you brought out two really exciting books last year and also spend a lot of your time teaching. I think it's wonderful that being a writer has given you this multi-faceted career in which you write and teach. It seems like a perfect balance to me.

Alice Anderson said...

One day I'm going to make it over there to attend one of those conferences and meet you in person Kate. :) I need to attend more conferences in general. Tired of being a lonely writer. LOL

Kate Walker said...

Fiona - I 'd love to see you at one of my courses but I can see that the travel could be difficult. I hope you enjoy At The Sheikh's Command as much as all the other books you've read - and you're right, the ebook versions do bring me in some royaltirs which secondhand ones don't! So thank you for thinking of that. If you do go for the 12 Point Guide on Kindle I hope it helps. I did once do some workships at Romance Writers of Australia - in Sydney but it is a long way to travel.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Mary - your chapter has reached me and I'll look forward to seeing you in Fishguard. Please don't feel too trepidacious (? is that the word? ) we'll have fun as well as work hard - ask Rachael

Kate Walker said...

Hi Maria - I must admit that jealth problems and events of last year have slwoed down my writing out put but then I was never as fast as some people. I do like to live a little as well as write and yes the teachig does add a lot to life - I get to travel and meet people and a multi-faceted life is what I always wanted.

A special thank you for that '2 really exciting books' comment - to me that is sucha compliment and means more than producing lots.

Kate Walker said...

Alice - how great to 'see' you here. It is hard being a lonely writer - I had plenty of experience of that in the past. It would be great to meet up with you one day after all the time we've connected over CataRomance and never met in person.


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