Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Mystery Solved

I spotted over on Amazon that there was a 'new' title out on  17th February.

This is a 3 in 1 By Request  collection  - so a reprint of one of my older books. I had no idea what the actual  book involved was - the title of the collection  His Suitable Bride - doesn't exactly give me a lot of help with guessiing!  Neither does the cover, which is rather striking,  but not exactly evocative of any particular story.

But today I've just had a delivery of books - hardbacks of The Devil  and Miss  Jones, Paperbacks of that book too - and some  copies of His Suitable Bride. So now the mystery is solved.

The book in this collection is in fact Cordero's Forced Bride. . A book that first came out in 2009

Taken in payment into his bed!
Alexa Montague is mortified. She's had to call off her sister's wedding, and now the ruthless, arrogant groom, Santos Cordero, is demanding that shy, ugly duckling Alexa, takes Natalie's place!
The Montagues have stolen his money and his convenient bride, so Santos will enjoy taking Alexa instead. For Santos does not - cannot - love. But his body burns for Alexa as it has for no other woman before. He'll keep her captive in his bed until she's begging to be his . . .

They're very different cover images, aren't they - it's no wonder I couldn't easily work out which of my titles was involved.


TashNz said...

Hi Kate. I hope Penny's funeral went well for you all. Once you sell a book, or a book is purchased (i'm not sure how it works) does that mean that it can be republished any amount of times? That's good? How do authors make money - is it when you sell the book or how many books are sold? You dont have to answer if it's not appropriate to do so here, I was just curious to how it works for authors.
P.S VERY different covers :)

ros said...

I really hate how they don't make it clear which books are included. It makes me feel as though they are trying to trick me into buying the same book twice. Even if it's not on the cover, it would be easy to include the individual titles in the product description.

marybelle said...

They are very different.


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