Friday, June 15, 2012

Kate's Corner day

It's the 15th of June so that means it's my day to blog over at We Write Romance in my regular Kate's Corner Blog.

I've posted it - and this blog  -  in a dash in and out  between the ferocious thunderstorms that are pounding this part of the UK  - and have stopped me working on the computer for most of the day. 

But I'vemanaged to write a post and I'm asking for your help on this one - I've so many blogs to prepare for the next few months, and so many workshops/course/conferences  coming up that I have very little time to spare and very little inspiration as to what to blog about - so what would you like to see in my blogs here and elsewhere?
All ideas gratefully received!

1 comment:

HollyJacobs said...

Kate, I have no specific requests...I just love hearing from you! I miss you and my lovely friend and thought I'd say hi!

Of course, you can always blog about the weirdness of the English language. For instance, knackered isn't used in the US and has very different meanings in the UK! LOL



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