Saturday, June 30, 2012

This and That

Busy  week - when are they anything else?   

So -  what's coming up?  Let me see . . .

On Monday I'm being interviewed by Radio Nottingham - it's all about that book. You know, the one everyone  is talking about /reading/buying - 50 Shades of Grey. So I'm interested in what you think. Have you bought it? Read it? Enjoyed it? Hated it?  Any opinions?  I'm interested in the  50 Shades phenomenon as part of my job of  being aware of what is popular in publishing these days -  and I'd love to know what you think.

The interview will be on Monday but as it's The Breakfast Show, apparently I'll be on at about 7.50 am.  I'll need to have a stiff coffee to make sure I'm awake and functioning.

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of the month so that means I'll be over on Tote Bags 'N' Blogs  . . . when I can think of something I can post about! 

I'm still open for any questions you have about  writing romance  for those of you who are planning to enter the So You  Think You Can Write Contest. So far  I've only had one question (thank you  Tora)  - so I won't get many craft posts out of that!

Oh and talking of teaching Writing Romance. I heard from the organisers of the wonderful Caerleon  Writers' Holidays yesterday.  There are still one or two places available on my  Complete Introduction To Writing Romance course this year.   They are still working on trying to ensure that Writers' Holiday continues in some form next year. Hopefully a way can be found to hold it at Caerleon again - but  there are other possibilities in the pipeline. 

Whatever happens, the Babe Magnet and I are SO looking forward to being at Caerleon again in July.  I can't wait.

But before that there's the RNA Conference . . . .


Carol Hedges said...

50 shades of grey? Sounds like hair advice for the over 60's!! Seriously, what is interesting is the way that a certain books captures the zeitgeist. How? Why? It is a flagrant spinoff from the Twilight series (another zeitgeisty book), and not well written. (Personal opinion). And yet...... who knows? If I did, I'd be as well-off as the author. And not whinging on your blog.

TashNz said...

Hi Kate, I've read the first and second in the Shades series. It's ok, I dont understand why it's gone viral because its really no different to any other in that type of genre. It's pretty graphic and when they did make it into the red room of pain I kind of had to read with one eye open one eye closed. My opinion, it's ok, but not phenomenal :)))


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