Monday, June 11, 2012

Wet wet wet . . .

Is it really June?  I think I fell asleep and woke up in the wrong season. It’s wet and cold – so wet and cold that even Charlie the garden cat  won’t go out unless he absolutely has to.  And Flora – well, as you can see from the photos, Flora has found a nice snug, dry place to snooze. The only trouble is that  she is taking up rather a large spot on my desk top and it’s a bit tricky to work on the keyboard while she’s there.

Still having some internet problems –  hopefully they will be finally sorted out today (fingers crossed). It’s been tricky sending emails, uploading blogs etc. 

So what have I been doing?  Once the Jubilee holidays were over -
Well, there was the necessary task of renewing passports –eeek!  No you can’t see my passport photo. All I can imagine is that somewhere in the passport office there is some poor person who is either almost dying of laughter or wondering whether they should report this woman to the police as she is obviously a total psycho and probably dangerous.   It doesn’t help that you are told that you must not smile . . . 

The  renewal is important to get done now because I will need a passport to travel to Tuscany in October when I head for the fabulous Watermill to run the Beyond The Hearts and Flowers course on writing romantic fiction.  (If you want details they can be found here on the Watermill's web site  - or on my Events page.   )

I have been making lots of soup!   Something about the new kitchen has made me have a whole new interest in cooking – well, cooking soup. And the Babe Magnet loves a bowl of veg soup for lunch. Not the right sort of food for ‘Flaming June’?  Well – see the first paragraph above. I am definitely  thinking of building an ark. Drought? What drought?

And I’ve been reading – galloped my way through  The Lies We Told by Diane Chamberlain and Please Don’t Stop the Music by Jane Lovering (the book that won the Romantic Novel  of the Year Award).  Plus a selection of romance by Annie West,  Lynn  Raye Harris, Jane Porter, Donna Alward,  and Sarah Morgan – another way of ‘filling the well’  as well as the rain.

Saturday was a real treat – heading for the Crucible theatre in Sheffield to see the  fantastic John Simm in Betrayal by Harold Pinter. Brilliant. It was a family outing with  the Babe Magnet,  The Offspring and his brand  new  fiancée.    The Italian meal before the play and the discussion in the car on the way home were extra bonuses to an already great evening.

Today I’m supposed to be heading into town to get my hair cut –  It’s not actually raining at the moment, but what’s the betting  one of those big dark clouds will burst right overhead as soon as I emerge from the hairdresser’s? Sigh!

Where did I put that umbrella?

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Summer said...

You have my sympathy over the rain, it's very much like that where I am. I love warm weather, I crave it, so small glimpses of sunshine are not my idea of June.


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