Monday, June 17, 2013

Great Review

Just received this from We Read Romance   a wonderful new review for A Throne for The Taking:

Masterfully crafted, Kate Walker’s A Throne For The Taking is the epitome of a royal romance. Thrown in are the usual elements of royalty—need for perfection, sacrifice for the greater good, etc.—but you also have two people who are emotionally scarred and in need of salvation in the form of love.

Set in the Mediterranean kingdom of Mecjoria, Honoria Escalona is about to lose everything she’s ever known because of her father. In an effort to save her kingdom, she turns to Alexei Sarova for help…only Alexei isn’t the same man Honoria knew. His past has taught him some hard lessons, but the attraction between the two flares hot and he makes an offer she can’t refuse. In exchange for his help, Ria will become his wife and produce a true heir. What choice does she have, really?

Ms. Walker is a talent to behold. She has a way of throwing you into the thick of things and giving you a look at the heart and soul of her characters while making sure the story flows without any lag. Her gift and insight into the many facets of royal life and the sensual draw between a man and a woman is phenomenal. I honestly haven’t ever been able to put down a single on of her books once I started it and A Throne For the Taking is no exception!

Thanks so much Larissa - you've really made my day!


Laney4 said...

Nice.... Not that I needed a review to tell me I'd like your book, though, LOL!

Heartfelt congrats, Kate!

Caroline said...

Oh what a lovey review, Kate! I loved this book too! Caroline x

Kate Walker said...

Thank you Laney! What a lovely thing to say. I'm so glad you enjoy my books

Kate Walker said...

And Caroline - you too - thank you! Your comments and Laney's have really made me smile - and I was smiling already at this review.


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