Friday, June 14, 2013

June Weddings

It's June - the month for  beautiful weddings. Well, it would be if there wasn't a huge thunderstorm crashing and flashing outside and a torrential downpour flooding the garden,

But June is the month when people's thoughts turn to weddings  - at least they do over on Romantic Friday Writers where the theme for this month - and their writing challenge is all about weddings -  writing a story, romantic or dark, which fits the wedding theme.  -

Denise, who organises things  over on that site,  has also asked me to join in. She asked me to write a post about the  books I've written that have led to weddings via very different routes.  And I was happy to do so. In fact it was fascinating to look back and see some of the ways I've played around with the whoel wedding theme. After all, everyone knows  a romance novel ends with a happy ever after - but that wedding can come before or after the story opens. It can be a wonderfully happy or a desperate, blackmailed event. It can be a marriage of convenience - or a  marriage of revenge.  Just shows you once again that even with some thing as obvious as a wedding in a romance, it all depends how you write it.

What about you? Do you love to see  the actual wedding in a book - or do you prefer the  fuss and fanfare to happen  'off stage' ?
Recently over on I Heart Presents, there was a survey to find 'What is your Favourite  Marriage  Trope?'    The winners were forced marriage or marriage of convenience. Do you agree?

Tomorrow my blog will be back on the  Pink Heart Society  site again. Yes, I know I've written my Date With Kate post for June - this one is the second part of The Lady and The Tramp - featuring this handsome hunk 

1 comment:

Mary Preston said...

I do love marriage of convenience stories. The road to the HEA is rocky and to say the least. Love it!!


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