Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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It's fascinating what  web sites there are out there in internet world  and just recently  I learned of one that  I didn't know existed- but now that I do,  it has  an extra  sort of appeal for me.


Because the site is   a web site that is - to quote their headline - For Kates By  Kates and About Kates.  The sort of place I'd just fit right in  to.
So when  writer and editor Kate Stephenson  approached me to know if I'd  like to do a Q&A with them to talk about A Throne For The Taking,  my writing  and my life, how could I refuse?

This was a while ago and I'd almost forgotten about it - so it was lucky that Kate(whose name I'm not likely to forget!)  just sent me an email to remind me.

The web site's Kate's Book Club has selected  A Throne for The Taking as their reading choice for the begining of June - I'm honoured.  And so I needed to answer the Q&A they sent along to me.

That Q&A is posted at the site right now so if you're interested in having a read.

Specially if your name's Kate - there's a lot of us about!

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