Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Question of Honour

  Great way to start the day - I  took a look at the Mills & Boon  site and found a featured review of A Question of Honour

It's always great to know a reader has enjoyed you book.

A welcome return to form for Mrs Walker with an exciting and humourous beginning which draws the reader in for the whole book. 
Although I'm not overkeen on either Royal or Sheikh themes for most of the book this doesn't really feel like one. 
With great character exploration and dialogue, the fascinating Karim and dutiful but in no way boring Clemmie wrap themselves around your heart.
 Excellent read Ten out of te

Thanks 'R'!  That's set me up for a day's writing.


Wendy R said...

As yo say, it is always wonderful to received the views of a reader who has enjoyed your novel. looks very romantic.wendy

Helen said...

Hi Kate

I too loved this one such a great story :-) :-)

Have Fun

lidia said...

Kate, I am looking forward to reading this book. Great to hear that it received a good review.

Kate Walker said...

Hello Wendy - it's so good to get a good review because it means someone has enjoyed the book and that's why we write, isn't it?

Kate Walker said...

Helen - thank you! I was so happy that you loved this story - and posted a wonderful review of it too. Another reason for me to smile.

Kate Walker said...

Lidia - I'm really hoping that you enjoy this one. Please let me know what you think.

Kate Walker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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