Thursday, May 15, 2014

Busy . . . .

Busy day today -

Last words  added to latest book so Alyse and Dario can have their happy ending.

Organised cat sitters for Charlie and Ruby

Last minute preparations for  the weekend course I'm teaching for Relax and Write  at Weetwood Hall  this weekend.

Just got out the Ideas Box to see if there's anything I can take along to make things extra interesting  and fun..
. .  Hmm, it seems to be full of post-it notes! They tend  to get used for the Advanced Course in  Fishguard - but you never know . . .

I've been asked to make sure that everyone
a   Relaxes
b Writes
c Eats the food provided
d. Discusses writing
e Has a good time

and one or two   people have mentioned
f.  a little wine!

I think I'm prepared for everything
SO looking forward to meeting up with everyone .

It's great to know that this course is full - the courses are kept small deliberately to make sure they're relaxed and  informal - but there are other courses and a Focus Retreat coming up in September and October.  Check out my Events Page  ( the Retreat still isn't up there - my apologies  but it will be just as soon as I get back from this one!) and Relax and Write's web site  for more details.

Oh - and I forgot to mention that if you missed the original publication of  A Good Greek Wife? it's now republished in the   Eligible Greeks - Sizzling Affairs  3 in 1 Collection .

I also realised that I haven't yet  put up the details about the Kindle edition of the 12 Point Guide  on the Writers Page of my site either . . . something else to go on the  To Do List. .  .

But first I'm going to enjoy myself  with Relax and Write.   Hope everyone else has a great weekend.

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