Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good news stuff

I hope that everyone in the UK enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend in spite of the traditional Bank Holiday weather - rain  rain and more rain. It's still raining this morning  but I'm not going to let  that get me down.  I have reasons to be cheerful -

I have a book on my editor's desk so this is the honeymoon period  between sending it in and waiting for the news of the revisions she wants.

I logged on the the Mills & Boon  web site and discovered  that my new novel A Question of  Honour is sitting at #1 in their bestseller chart.   And there's another great 5 star review posted there as well:

A ten out of ten for Kate Walker because she has blended the ingredients of love, attraction and sensitivity in a curious mix which makes it different from other Modern genre romances. Karim and Clementina exert so much control over their passion that this tension between them makes the story line so riveting. Well done to the author. Their coming together at the end is well deserved and it is worth a read or two!

My thanks to reviewer Arpita

And the other news is that thanks to the lovely Leena Hyat who helped me set it up - I now have an official Author page over on Facebook - so if you want to find  me and read all the most up to date news and information over there you need to go to the Kate Walker Author page

Oh yes - and I got a new foreign edition in the mail - A  Czech translation of The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife - it always makes me smile to  see my name given as Kate Walkerova!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the author page on Facebook! I'll be heading over there. How fun to see your name in another language :)


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