Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Feature on A Question of Honor

The official publication date for A Question of Honour  in the UK is June 1st  - though that ~1 place on the M&B site bestseller list means it's already selling well there - but in America it is now already out on the bookshop shelves.

So the lovely and helpful Nas Dean has organised a mini book tour for me to celebrate - Thanks Nas!
As a result I will have some posts about the book -- and me - and some craft posts  on several different blogs coming up  in the next few days.

The first of these is a feature on  me and A Question of Honor  ( these 2 different spellings are getting  confusing! I just keep alternating them - so one will be right for someone!)  and that's over on
 Romance Book Haven today - here's where you can find it.

Thanks Nas!

I see we have more rain today . . .  obviously the warm weekend I spent at Weetwood Hall was summer!  And then I was teaching . . .!

1 comment:

Cara Cooper said...

I'm surprised you can keep up at all with all the things you do, writing, teaching etc and books with slightly different spellings in the titles! Let's hope we have more Summer on the way and congratulations on selling so well, yet again


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