Tuesday, April 07, 2015

A lovely post to mark 30 years!

You might remember that some months ago,  I celebrated the publication of Nicole Locke's very first book. This was after I had met her at the Mills & Boon Author Party in London back in September.

I was delighted to share the news of her book with everyone - I so remember the excitement of the very first title to be published.

 At the time I had also asked Nicole if, as  a way to mark my 30 years of publication (that first book  The Chalk Line came out in December 1984)  she would write me a little bit about her favourite Kate Walker novel.  I know that she said she'd find it too hard to pick one title so I left that alone and said if she ever did want to write about a favourite to let me know.

Today she has done just that - and more !  Because to mark the publication of Olivero's Outrageous Proposal, Nicole has written the most lovely blog post about my writing, not here on this blog, but over on the official Mills & Boon blog on the Mills & Boon web site.  If I'm honest, I had to go away and blow my nose and blink rather hard when I read it. It is such a lovely post and  to say that I'm honoured is an understatement.   I'm so touched and complimented to think that a fellow writer has enjoyed my work like this for so long - it's the greatest compliment someone can pay to an author.

So all I can say is Thank you Nicole - thank you so much. You've made my day - week - month -year!  And I hope I'll see you again at AMBA this year so I can give you a big hug to say thank you in person.

And this has me wondering - do you have a special Kate Wallker title that you've loved and really enjoyed?  If anyone wants to write and let me know of a story that sticks in your memory, I'd love to share with every one else - after all, you don't get to celebrate 30 years of publication every day!


Laney4 said...

The first Kate Walker book I read (that I noted for future reference, as I probably read some years before without realizing who wrote them) was AT THE SHEIKH'S COMMAND. I remember falling in love with the sheikh (too). I read it quickly, not wanting to wait for the HEA.

Then I read CORDERO'S FORCED BRIDE. I read this one quickly as well, again wishing I was the heroine. I thought the storyline was realistic and enjoyed how they spoke with each other.

Thinking that it was a fluke that I liked the first two books I read, I tried a third: DESERT AFFAIR. OMG, I could relate to that one too! Imagining myself alone with the "son of a sheikh" seemed so realistic to me, and the details of the storyline stayed with me for ages, often creating sweet dreams for me at night.

Now I am a Kate Walker fan. Big time. I don't save every book I read (as I have always read over 250 books per year since 1973), but I save Kate Walker books. Once I get through a bunch of books in my TBR pile, I often go back and read one of Kate's again. Just for me.

Yeah. Kate's books are just for me. I like that. I've only read/saved 19 so far, but I'm getting there. Slow and steady stays the course....

lidia said...

Kate - first of all Congratulations! on this milestone.

Honestly, it is very difficult for me to pick one of your books as a favorite. My answer would have to be the book that I read last -- and that was "The Married Mistress."

Now I am looking forward to reading your newest release.

Over the years your books have brought me lots of reading pleasure. There's nothing better than some quiet time with a favorite book.

Keep writing and I'll keep reading.


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