Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Catching up and Finding Books

Well - that was a busy time!  I just checked out my last post on my blog and find that it was on April 13th!

Really? I can't  think where the time went -   Well I can - sort of . .
Concentrating on revisions for the latest book  -  why are editors always right? Well,my current one is, anyway and she pointed out some important  things that needed 'tweaking'  so I had to get on with those as we have a tight turnaround deadline on this one. This wasn't helped by the fact that the Babe Magnet generously shared his horrible cold/cough with me !

Also had a tight turnaround for me personally as I wanted the revisions done before the Babe Magnet and I went  away for a short break.  We were staying in one of our favourite places in the whole world - the beautiful city of York.  I made the revisions deadline with moments to spare - sending them off  just in time to throw some things in a case  and set off. The couple  of days in York were just glorious and we had a wonderful time.  Afternoon tea in Bettys was a special treat too.

Since I was away,  the Mills & Boon web site still reads 'Sold Out' for  April's release Olivero's Outrageous Proposal,  which is amazing!  I've had some enquiries about ways to find it seeing as the M&B site  doesn't have it available  so - checking things through today, I see that  has just got a new batch in  so  are copies there. And  of course there's always kindle.   The Book Depository still has copies  - and  they have copies of another book I've been asked about - the new   edition of the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance.  The great thing about  Book Depository of course is the fact that they also offer free delivery  worldwide

So.  that's where you can find Olivero. I have to say that  I've also been thrilled to see the fabulous reviews this book has been getting. My hunt on the M&B site led me to this lovely  review by Desere Steenberg - it made my day so much to read it!   I just wanted to thank  all the lovely people who've posted reviews letting me know that they've enjoyed this book.   My only worry is that as Desere says that this is' the number one Kate Walker book' - I'm going to have to work hard to match it with my next novel!  (Fingers tightly crossed that my sexy sheikh and his marriage of convenience also hits the right spot!)

So now I'm catching up - sorting out the absolute tip my workroom has become as I focused on Nabil and Aziza's story, planning  the courses coming up -
Next one is Beginning, Middle End - Planning Your Novel. That's in June  Details on the Events page 

And of course in July there's the fabulous Writers' Holiday in Fishguard  when I'm teaching The Complete Contemporary Romance Writing Course.

Then I have some time helping the Babe Magnet with publicity for his book Uncle Albert - that will involve more travel . . .

And of course I'm planning out the next book!

But I shall be blogging again soon about another book that readers have found to hard to  find -   that's Wife For Real   from The Alcolar Family collection.  Watch this space  for more  details when everything is sorted out.,

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