Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Great Day For Romance

Ten years ago if you’d asked me to name my favourite category romance writers, one name would have been right there on the list without a moment’s hesitation. The name of an author who wrote truly magical romances with gorgeous, sexy heroes and bright, appealing and totally individual heroines. An author who’s ‘tag line’ is Books that leave you laughing through the tears! – and she certainly accomplished that. Her books always had that – well I’m going to use that word again – that magical quality that turned them into modern day fairytales – not fairy stories note - and yet still had such believable, vibrant real life elements that you totally believed they could exist in the modern world – and at the same time made you wish that the real world could be as magical as these books made them out to be.
Books like Passionate Proposition with the mysterious and devastating ‘Shayde’ taking control of Tess Lonigan’s life. Or the sexy Salvatore brothers – Alessandro, Marco, Stefano and Luc , who all had books of their own, and were impossible to choose between.

There was the truly magical Fairytale Weddings where couple met at the Cinderella Ball – and, to quote the line on the books -

The inspiration behind the Cinderella Ball was simple...
Come single,
leave wed.
By midnight perfect strangers could find themselves
As if by magic!

The name of the author ? DAY LECLAIRE

Day wrote over 30 books the came out in Harlequin Romance , Special Releases, a Single Title and the Forrester Square continuity. She was nominated for a RITA award no less than 10 times and won numerous other awards for her writing. I loved her books, looked for each new one eagerly, snatched it off the shelf, devoured it in delight

But then real life intruded into Day’s writing. She became ill, diagnosed with breast cancer almost six and a half years ago. Anyone who was lucky enough to know her then knows that she faced the disease with a grace, courage and humour that for me at least was truly inspirational and frequently brought tears to my eyes. At the time the BM and I were going through some tough times but knowing that Day was going through worse, and still picking herself up and carrying on, helped me such a lot. She came through the illness, and although the treatment was successful, as she says in her blog, afterwards “ I found that my creativity had gone to sleep.” The writing dried up. The books stopped appearing and fans like me could only go back to their collection of ‘keepers’ and remember.

But not any more. The good – the great news is that Day LeClaire is back.
She’s no longer writing for Harlequin Romance but for Silhouette Desire which will mean some changes in her writing – but ones that will enable her to keep that essential emotional, magical special Day voice. I know that voice is still there because it’s already showing in the excerpts from the books on her web site and in the on-line story that she’s telling over on eHarlequin.

And she’s back with a vengeance – with a brand new, sparkling trilogy - The Royals Trilogy - out in America this month. The first book The Forbidden Princess is in the shops on (officially anyway) February 13th, but knowing the way these things work, it could be out this week. I hope so – I’ve asked Anne McAllister to get me a copy and bring it with her when we meet in Ireland next week. She flies out on the 13th, so hopefully she’ll be able to grab a copy.And then I just know I’m going to want parts 2 and 3 - The Prince’s Mistress and The Royal Wedding Night. I can’t wait! Those of you who haven’t got friends who can get you a copy in America, can order it from Amazon – or wait . ..I’m sure these books will be published in the UK eventually. It’s just that I’ve been so long without a Day Leclaire book to read that I’m just not prepared to wait for eventually. I can barely wait until next week.

Welcome back Day – it’s wonderful to have you and your fabulous books back in the romance reading world where they belong. I hope your newly revived career is wonderfully successful as you deserve. Just keep those books coming – I’ve missed them so much!

If you want to know more about Day and The Royals Trilogy, you can visit her web site – or check out her blog on eHarlequin. And if like me you can’t wait to read some of her wonderful story-telling then there’s her on line read The Royal Affair here.

Have a great Day!


Day Leclaire said...

I'm absolutely stunned. I literally don't know what to say other than...thank you, Kate! Your post is one of the sweetest, most generous things anyone's ever done and I'm sitting here, fighting back tears. Thank you.

I never considered myself terribly brave. I was just darned if I'd give up or give in. My dad was in a fight for his life against cancer at the same time I was. (He was diagnosed 3 months after me with pancreatic cancer.) So for that year before he died, we were in that fight together. It was probably his death that killed that creative spark for a while, even more than my own illness.

But it would have been wrong to lose one of the parts of me that meant the most, and would have been a dishonor to my dad. So you have no idea how thrilled I was when that creativity returned.

Bless you, Kate! You're a gem among women and one of the most articulate, intelligent, generous women I know.

Love, Day

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate, I've never read any of Day's books but on your recommendation I'll be sure to pick up a copy as soon as it's available.

And if Anne leaves before a copy is available let me know and I'll be happy to send you a copy.

I'm so happy to hear that Day is well and writing again.


Kate Walker said...

Day my dear - no thanks are necessary. I meant every word I said. And you so deserve it. I think it was the fact that you didn't think you were brave and never claimed to be that always affected me so much. You were a fighter - and I'm thrilled that you have come through.

Chris - knowing you, I think you'll love Day's books - do pick one up if you can and I hoipe you enjoy it. And thank you for the offer of getting hold of a copy for me - that's so kind of you


Anne McAllister said...

Day is making it easy for me. She has sent me copies of the first books. So, trusting the USPS gets its act together and brings them to me by Monday, they will be on the plane on Tuesday as I head off for Ireland. I am -- to be honest -- intending to read them before I hand them over! I love Day's books, too!


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