Friday, February 02, 2007

Here Come The Brides - one last time

Well now that Sid has stopped posing for calendar pics, he’s actually done the job he’s paid for(in crunchies) and he’s chosen my - sorry – Alice’s winner from the HERE COME THE BRIDES contest with Anne and Liz.

And the winner is Stanislava Ivanova from Bulgaria.

Congratulations Stanislava!Well, I said I would post books to anywhere in the world and my readers are keeping me to that. Arkansas and Indonesia last time. Bulgaria this one.

Anne has announced her winner too so I can tell you that she is Laurie Bertram from Canada.

And at some time today Liz will put her readers out of their misery and let them know who her winner is . Abd then I can get busy posting out copies of The Italian’s Forced Bride out to all of them. To go with the copies of The Santorini Bride and The Valentine Bride they will received from Anne and Liz.

And then, sadly our joint contest will be over. Thanks to all of you who entered. Martha, Louise and Alice had a lot of fun with it. So did Anne and Liz and I. Perhaps we could do something like this again sometime. If we get a chance to link up in the same way. Or perhaps there could be other joint contests with other authors. Would you like that? Do you like the joint contests idea? I know that the bag of books and Christmas Stocking contests have always been hugely popular.

Remember, of course, that the Grooms' contest is still going on -- and will be until February 10th. So you have plenty of time to enter that if you want. Of course because they are men, Max Theo and Domenico have come up with a BIGGER contest – which means you have to work a little harder than you did for the Brides' contest. But that's because you get a bigger prize – 3 books from each author so it’s well worth it. (Well D T & M would say so - or they would if they weren’t busy elsewhere – off on their honeymoons with Alice, Martha and Max)

Don’t tell Theo but I spent a very happy evening yesterday spying on him on his way to his happy ever after by reading The Santorini Bride and he’s got me hooked. I haven’t managed to finish it yet – just got to the part where the HEA – and Theo and Martha - couldn’t actually be further away from each other. Now if I can just sneak in a couple of spare hours to finish it. It’s a great book. A classic Anne McAllister and Theo is a gorgeous hero. Charming, determined . . . and what was it Alice said over on Anne’s blog –

Well, admittedly there were parts of it when I absolutely wanted to KILL Theo.

I know how she felt. But then Theo reminded her about the afternoon on the beach with the paints. . . I’ve read about the afternoon on the beach with the paints – and I’m not at all surprised that Theo remembers it. And I’ve no doubt Martha will never forget it either. I love it.

Then I’m going to find out all about Max. He doesn’t appear in America until – appropriately enough – Valentine’s Day. So I have time to read his story before most of you! I believe Anne has already read it - and fallen hard for Mr M Valentine.

What? Oh yes – Sid has reminded me that I should say that the answers to the Brides question
What are the full names of the three Brides in our three February books – are

The Santorini Bride - Martha Antonides
The Valentine Bride - Louise Valentine
The Italian's Forced Bride -Alice Howard

Hmm – I think, even if they are off on honeymoon, I can hear some male laughter and a couple of ‘easy- peasy’ comments. D T & M say you’ll have a harder job on finding the answers to their questions. In fact, they’re not sure that many of you will do it.

You’re going to prove them wrong aren’t you?

Let me remind you what you can win

From Anne McAllister each winner gets:
A three-in-one book containing three complete novels: The Cowboy's Code, containing Cowboys Don't Quit, Cowboys Don't Stay and The Cowboy and the Kid (Romantic Times's Best Series Novel of the Year) PLUS a copy of Theo Savakis's book by the author whose name you have to figure out.

From Kate Walker each winner gets:
Her best-selling Alcolar Family trilogy: The Twelve-Month Mistress, The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife and Bound by Blackmail.

And from Liz Fielding each winner gets:
Copies of her terrific book all about GROOMS: The Corporate Bridegroom, A Suitable Groom and Her Wish-List Bridegroom

And you can find the questions here.

But for now – from Alice Howard (now Parrisi) Martha Antonides (now Savas) and Louise Valentine (now – well, now Louise Valentine!) Goodbye and thanks for taking part in our contest

There go the Brides!


Anne McAllister said...

Yes, congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone who took the time to enter. You're all such good sports!

Kate, it was MARTHA who wanted to kill Theo -- not ALICE. Alice belongs to Do-MEN-ico (as Theo would say).

And Martha, Theo and I are very glad you enjoyed the paints scene! They had a lot of fun with that.

Jennifer Y. said...

Congrats to the winners!

blueberri said...

CONGRATS to the winners!

Kate, my brace is off. There still is some healing and therapy to go, but the most of the broken arm is behind me now. :)


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