Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday the day of rest?

(Insert hollow laughter here.)

I was also toying with the idfea of calling this post 'And I thought I was mad!' - the reason for that being that the dear Babe Magnet has gone and got himself in a tangle with four - count them - four - deadlines for - well, for now!

And that measn that nromal life as we know it - as anyone knows it - is sort of suspended as he goes crazy over the keyboard and I proof read and check and pack up mss to be flung in various directsion by mail on Monday. Add to that the fact that his email has packed up and I'm acting as secretary/PA and general dogsbody until peace is restored (hopefully tomorrow) . A couple of the books are already listed onAmazon! That's how mad publishing can be sometimes.

So until I have a brain cell to spare - I'll fill the space in my blog (and in my thoughts) with a reminder that although the prizes for the Brides Contest have already been posted, the Grooms still hoep ofr lots of answers to their questions.

Here are the details again . . .

HERE COME THE GROOM'S CONTEST has much the same rules as the brides' contest.You get three chances to win -- one on each of the blogs: mine Liz Fielding's and and Anne McAllister's

You have to answer the following nine questions - three on each blog. That’s just one for each book you can win. Some of them have two parts, so make sure you’ve got all the answers before you send them in.The answers can all be found on the blogs– or by using the sidebar links. The prizes are all listed in my previous blog.

Questions - - each of our heroes has set three of them and you can find the answers on their author’s blog.

1) Which book, also being published in February has a hero called Theo Savakis (who is NOT ME because he is going to marry Miranda Weston and I am going to marry MARTHA!) and who is the author of that book?

2) My (Theo's) sister was the heroine of an earlier McAllister book. What's the name of the book -- and the full name of my sister?

3) McAllister says there is "another hero" in The Santorini Bride (which isn't true, by the way). What breed of dog is Ted?


1) St Valentine’s Day is a worldwide phenomenon, but Liz (my author) lives in Wales and they have their own special day for lovers in January. What’s the date? And what is the name of the saint involved?

2) The Valentine Bride (the book that Louise and I share), is the last one in a mini series. What was the series called? Name another author who wrote a book in that series.

3) Liz wrote a special online story The Cinderella Valentine to set up this series. What are the full names of the two characters who met and fell in love in my Chelsea restaurant?


1 Where did Kate celebrate a book launch party this month and which famous novelist did she meet there?
2. What award did Kate's February release - The Italian's Forced Bride win?

3. If the winner of The Brides Contest has already read The Italian's Forced Bride, Kate will give away a copy of her March M&B Modern release which also had Bride in the title. What is the name of this book – and what is the name of its hero? (If you need as clue he’s one of those sexy Sicilian guys . .)

When you’ve got all the answers, send a copy of all of them to each of the authors. You can contact them through their websites (there’s a sidebar link on the blog) or, in the case of Anne you can just click on the "Contact Anne" tab and then send the email from there. Don’t forget to put GROOMS CONTEST in the subject.

The contest is running now and ends in a week on February 10th, 2007. So, that’s it – You have three chances to win a pile of great books. All you have to do is a little hunting

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