Sunday, May 11, 2008

At last! The Q&A

Ok so - mauscript 'tweaked' and with editor. - Check

Birthday celebrated. - Check
Washing machine repaired. Check - and check ( 1 repair meant that it was noticed that the pipes were blocked- pipes unblocked - Check - washing started - another problem starts up. . . )
Sheets washed and changed ready for visit of Trish Wylie this week. Check

Reviews of books read added to eHarlequin's 100,000 book challenge - check!

Discussions with Lincoln Book Festival organisers about Saturday's Celebration of 100 years of Mills and Boon - check!

Discussions with bookshop at Book Festival to ensure titles by all authors are on sale - and copies of the 12PGTWR2 - check!

Box of 85 signed romances delivered to the Lincoln Book Festival shop ready for prize draw on 17th - check!

(Any enquiries about the M&B event, tickets for this or my workshop - or to buy raffle tickets please phone the Lincoln Drill Hall box office on (01522) 87389 or call in. Email details etc can be found here )

Website updates - in hand - check

Workshop for Saturday 17th prepared - er - nearly

Office cleaned, tidied and sorted - er . . .

Accounts completed . . . er . . . . . . .

Oh well, I'm getting there. And that means that I now have time to hunt out the next questions for the Writers' Q&A and get back to answering them

My apologies to everyone who has been waiting patiently while life got in the way . I'm going to start answering questions now!
Brain cell dusted and polished, ready for thinking purposes - check
Now all I need is to find the questions . . .

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