Friday, May 23, 2008

It's what day??

How did it get to be Friday?

I know I was busy in Lincoln (and yes, I know I still have to tell you about that) - but that was at the weekend. And there have been - er four more days since I got home.
Four busy days, admittedly. But I had hoped to blog before this.

So - let's catch up. I last blogged at all when I was about to set out for Lincoln. My lovely friend Trish Wylie was here and - well, that was part of the problem. When authors get together (which we don't do often enough) we talk - about writing, about heroes, about books, about editing, about heroes, about life . . .

So Trish and I talked - when we got a chance. She had a book to finish and so she spent a lot of time curled up on my settee with her laptop and an expression of fierce concentration on her face. Occasionally Sid would help her by offering head butts or Flora would try to walk over the laptop to add some extra letters into the mix. Occasionally I also offered food - or tea - and once or twice I dragged her away for a moment's relaxation. Specially when there was a video I just had to share with her. (If you haven't seen that, then I suggest you visit Trish's blog right now and enjoy - but advance warning - just make sure you're not eating or drinking when you do)

The book got finished, and was sent on its way to Trish's editor - and then we could relax. Well, in between preparing for the workshop in Lincoln, and packing (the packing was a little tricky as there was a small grey and white kitten who kept jumping into the suitcase and insisting that she was coming with me) And what did we do to relax? We talked . . . and talked and talked. . .

And then on Friday afternoon we headed out for one of my favourite places in the whole world - Lincoln. There we settled into the White Hart Hotel, unpacked and waited for Natasha (Oakley) to arrive. At first it seemed that Natasha and her husband would be too late to join us for dinner, so we booked a table for three. Then it seemed that she was so much closer to Lincoln than we'd thought - but the restaurant was very busy - so Trish worked her best Irish blonde charm on the waiter and we ended up with a slightly later table with room for two extra people. Thank you Café Zoot.

The meal was fabulous too. (Deepfried Brie with cranberry sauce, followed by panache of fresh fish on chunky ratatouille) And the wine. And the taste of Trish's cheescake dessert that I tried (I couldn't manage a whole one)

And of course we talked and talked and talked . . . about books, and offices (a subject much on Natasha's mind as you'll see if you visit her PHS blog. )

And then we staggered all the way back to the hotel (ie just across the road) and we talked some more. Until I just couldn't keep my eyes open - and I had people to meet and a worskshop to run the next day - so I stumbled up to my room, fell into bed and fell fast asleep.

More tomorrow - but today I must just add a special set of congratulations to Anne McAllister. Anne, who as you may remember, got to share the inspiration for my hero Santos so that he could also act as inspiration for her hero Seb, has just learned that her book has been accepted without any revisions.
And that,as they say, is as rare as hen's teeth. So Santos/Seb must be some great inspiration. Congratulations, Anne - I can't wait to read Seb's book. Which I suppose must come out round about the time that Cordero's Forced Bride appears on the shelves - but in spite of the similar inspiration, I'm sure that the two heroes will be very very different. That's the great thing about individual authors' voices - you get individual heroes. even when they're based on the same man

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Donna Alward said...

Hi Kate - looks like you're busy as usual. Just wanted to let you know I'll catch up with you in a few weeks when we get to where we're going.

Hugs, Donna


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