Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blogger's Block

Would you believe I have blogger's block?

No idea what to write about at all.

I blame it on the Bank Holiday. A Bank Holiday that for once coincided with the fact that I'd sent in the lastest revsions, wasn't on a dreadline (well, not one too close!). I'd also been working several weekends on writing, revisions etc and will be working on the weekend of the 17th when I'm doing the Workshop and Celebration of Mills & Boon event . . .

So I took the Bank Holiday off. Had a proper Bank Holiday for once - doing all the things you're supposed to do., Getting up late, meeting family and friends, reading . . . No writing. I didn't even blog - as you will have noticed.

So now I have blog withdrawal symptoms and nothing to write about

Well, yes I do have some ideas but . . .

1. I can't announce good news until it's official

2. I wanted to post a particular photgraph and now I can't find it. (
PS added later - I found that picture- and another one - not quite taken on the big day, but not too long after it!)

3. I'm feeling terribly guilty about not getting back to the Q&A but I'm not that organised - not yet

4. I have to check on some other good news and find out if it's definite . . .

5. I could show you the wonderful basket of books that the fabulous authors of HMB have donated for the Charity Raffle at the Lincoln Book Festival, but that wouldn't be fair as I haven't worked out a way of letting anyone but the Lincoln locals actually buy tickets for the raffle. If I come up with one I'll certainly let you know. But . . .oh, I'll show you it anyway as it's well worth seeing . . . (Anyone visiting from Lincoln please buy a ticket in the Festival Shop - and spread the word around!)

But I have to write something as certain people have been sending visitors over here for a special reason (You've been spotted, Scary Kate!)

And if they come over here I'll just have to make sure that there is actually a blog for them to read.

But I've nothing to say . . . unless I come over all philosophical about today . . . or the fact that I might have bloggers block because of my age . . .and the reasons why Michelle Reid and I are so close and so alike in temperament . . .

Or I could just leave you all guessing because here's the postman . . . and I'll have to go and open some cards . . . :o)


Kate Hardy said...

Taking the Bank Holiday off sounds like an excellent idea. (I did...)

And now it's official that you've spotted what I said:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Ka-ate
Happy birthday to you!

(And see how good I am? I'm not using the kids' version of the song *g*)

Have a lovely day, Kate.

Michelle Styles said...

Happy Birthday to you
HappyBirthday to you
HappyBirthday to you, dear Kate.

May the day hold many good things.

carolwarham said...

Happy Birthday, go and put your feet up, blogging can wait!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kate, Hope you have a lovely day doing exactly what you want to do.


juliemt said...

Happy Birthday,Kate! I hope you have a lovely day and a terrific year full of good health, lovely books and lots of gorgeous Alpha heroes!


Nicolette said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! Taking the bank holiday off is an excellent idea and nothing to feel guilty about at all. Hope you have a lovely day in all this sunshine.

Nell said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday, Kate.

Cryna said...

Happy Birthday, Kate.

Hope that the day is good for you, and you get lots of special attention.

Trish Morey said...


Hope you had a wonderful day and here's to a fabulous year!

Much love and hugs from Downunder,


Madeline said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE! I hope you have a wonderful day. Good Wishes are being sent your way from across the sea.
Hugs, Mads:)

Jan Jones said...

Happy Birthday, Kate.

Blogger's block is fine. I've been blocked for a week.

Describing-a-talk-for-the-conference block is not fine. Your friends need you so their own blogger's block will go away.

Michelle Douglas said...

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Wishing you a year filled with wonderful books, lots of cake, and chocolate.

India said...

Oh Kate, I missed this yesterday, I'm so sorry!

Hope you had the most fantastic day, and I'm so glad that the sun made a special appearance for a very special person on her special day!

Many happy returns. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

From Michelle Reid


You're catching me up...tee hee

Big Hug

Michelle R

lidia said...


Happy Belated Birthday!

Hope you had a wonderful day.


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