Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Book News

Just interrupting this Q&A to bring you up to date on my book news - with a bit of that good news I'm now able to let you know.

Basically, it's all good for Spaniards right now - I heard from my editor and the revised version of Santos's story has made her happy so that's the first new title for next year . It's out in paperback in March 2008 with the title of Cordero's Forced Bride.

I'll be sorry to say goodbye to this sexy Spaniard but there will be a new man in my life to replace him. At the moment I think he's Italian.

And talking of Italians - I finally found out which of my Italian heroes has his story in the July By Request reprint Her Passionate Italian. My editor tells me that it's Gio (Giovanni Cardella) in the book A Sicilian Husband - which is a coincidence as I posted the UK cover for that book in the discussion about Mediterranean heroes here

More Spaniards - the ebook version of my June Presents title Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife, is running high in the Top Ten Bestselling ebooks over on eHarlequin. Thank you to everyone who has bought and downloaded a copy to put it there. The print book is officially due out on June 1st, but I suspect that my American readers will find this book on the shop shelves in a week or so.

And yet more Spaniards - remember that I was thrilled that The Alcolar Family was being reprinted as a 3 in 1 By Request in the UK in August - well, the 'more good news' is that the whole Alcolar Trilogy will be available in a 3 in 1 ebook Bundle for sale from eHarlequin and other ebook sources, also from June 1st. I don't yet have an ebook collection cover for this - so I'll just show you that great cover from the August By Request reprint (any excuse - well, it is a great cover!)
Finally, following on from the question about Mediterranean heroes - there;s a great discussion on the appeal of the Greek hero over on I Heart Presents today. It's being led by Annie West whose own latest book, The Greek Tycoon's Unexpected Wife is a great read.

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Donna Alward said...

Look at you go! Congrats on new titles and reissues!


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