Friday, May 09, 2008

This one's easy

My life is still making me feel like this tail-chasing hound - going round and round in circles, never quite catching up so my blogging is hit and miss right now. And I'd be struggling to find time to write anything coherent today if I didn't already know just what I wanted to say.

Or, rather, what Michelle wants me to say.

As so many of you know, one of my dearest friends is the wonderful writer Michelle Reid. Michelle has had some hiccups in her writing in the last year or so but she's back now and she has a brand new book out this month - The Markonos Bride.

And to celebrate she also has brand new website

Over the past few weeks, Michelle has been working with Heather from We Write Romance who manages my website too, and together they've completely revamped Michelle's old site and brought it right up to date. I've had a sneak preview and I think it looks wonderful.

And that new web site goes live today.

So here's a message from Michelle to tell you all about it:

A quick note from Michelle Reid

Just wanted to let you all know that my new website will go live today!

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the design Heather Reed from We Write Romance has created for me. And after two long years when I became so lazy I did NOTHING with my old website, it was truly ready for a makeover. So, thanks Heather, I think you’re wonderful.

To celebrate the website going live at the same time as my latest book THE MARKONOS BRIDE hits the shops, I’m running a contest, so if you fancy a signed copy of the book plus a little surprise, then please go and take a look at

Thanks Kate, for letting me nip in here,


And while we're celebrating May birthdays, today is the birthday of a man whose music and songs have given me so much pleasure for many years, whose live performances have been some of the most fantastic times of my life. His songs have been the background tracks to so many of my books and his words have given me more ideas for stories than almost anyone else in the music world.
Happy Birthday Billy Joel!

1 comment:

Julie Day said...

Happy Birthday Billy Joel. I don't know many of his song but there is one that does stick in my mind and that's his most famous one - Uptown Girl. I really liked that one.


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