Saturday, September 13, 2008

Literary Wife

Today I get to play one of my other roles and appear as the Writer's Wife when the Babe Magnet does a talk and a signing for his books.

He's at Borders Birstall where at 1pm he's talking abut writing true crime, why he writes these books and what we can learn from it.

And he'll be signing copies of his most recent books. Heroes Villains and Victims of Bradford and Hanged at York amongst them.

So I get to go along and listen - but I'll be taking Ricardo and Lucy along with me and a note pad so when the audience might think I'll be noting down every word that falls from the Magnet's lips - I will probably be creating the next confrontation between my hero and heroine.
Plus, I'll get to see how well my own latest book Bedded By The Greek Billionaire is selling as it should be on the shelves there this weekend.
And talking of heroes and heroines - you've been asking about Flora the Maine Coon kitten and how she's growing up. So here is the latest photo of Princess Flora - who will be one year old on the 27th of this month. And of course also in the picture is her real life furry hero Sid.

Have a great weekend!


Anna Lucia said...

She STILL looks like the cat equivalent of an elf... ethereal and so beautiful... *happy sigh*

Good luck to the BM at his talk!

Anonymous said...

She's a beauty, Kate! I am watching my own Maine Coon, Justin, sleeping on the back of the couch as I type.

I didn't know the BM was a writer, too. How did that escape me? How fascinating. I bet you two have some interesting discussions at your house. I know he'll do well and that the audience will be fascinated!


Jan Jones said...

Ahhhh. Purrfect poses from them both.

Kate Walker said...

Anna - Flora is beautiful but she knows she is and so expects special tratment because of it.

Hi Linda - Yes, Floar is beautiful. She sends best purrs to Justin (who I'm sure is very handsome as he's of the same breed)
Yes, the BM has been writig for years too. Discussions? Well, yes - when we get time ;o)

Jan - I should have known that you couldn't resist the purrfect comment.


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