Friday, July 09, 2010

While I'm away . . .

I doubt very much that I'll find a moment to post while I'm at the RNA Conference - it's always pretty hectic - and fun! So here's one I prepared earlier to keep you occupied while I'm away.

In all the chaos of sick computers and workshop worries, I haven't mentioned the good news I had at the begining of the week. The latest book, with the Sicilian hero (remember him? Yes, I know, it was a l-o-ng time ago that I tweaked him and sent him off. ) - anyway - Pietro D'Inzeo (or rather his story) has been bought, scheduled and titled. Which means that I can tell you that his story will be published March 2011 under the title The Proud Wife.

You'll note the new type of title. Yes, the Greek Billionaire has claimed his last virgin and those 'how many buzzwords can you get into a single phrase' titles are being phased out. (Pause for a moment for loud cheering! ) and the new-style titles are coming in. The ones that, as editorial say, reflect the fact that Modern/Presents Romances are "big reads in little books .'

So you'll be seeing books with titles like these: The Bride Thief, The Society Wife, Reckless in Paradise, Giselle’s Choice, The Undoing of de Luca, The Man Behind the Mask, The Disgraced Princess, The Master of Bella Terra

And - the official announcement is still counting down on the M&B Makeover site so you'll need to watch there for all the details, but they are starting to appear on Amazon so I can let you have a little sneak peak at some of the new covers that are coming. There's only a few of the posted on the site yet - but the best way to illustrate them is to say that the final book in the mini-series of The Greek Tycoons Greek Myth series - Robyn Donald's book Powerful Greek, Housekeeper Wife will look like this - instead of the old-style cover for mine (which I've posted above for close comparison).

What do you think?


Caroline said...

Love the new covers and titles. Have a great time at the conference. Caroline x

carolwarham said...

Enjoy the conference Kate. I hope the BM has lots of company in his corner, I'm sure he will.

vanessa jaye said...

I love the new covers and titles. Hope they make their way to the North American market.

Hope you're having a great time at the RNA, Kate!

Amy said...

What Vanessa Jaye said!

Please, please, PLEASE let these new and improved titles with their exciting new covers survive the trip across the Atlantic and land on North American shores.

Hope the conference is a blast!

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the covers, but love the change in titles! They were getting too similar and it made it hard to remember/pick up recommendations because they all sounded the same!


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