Saturday, July 10, 2010

I love it when this happens . . .

If you're reading this blog then that means I got too busy/had too much fun to post one from the RNA - which, seeing as Saturday is the day that I give my workshop on Conflict, and meet my editor is very likely indeed. Plus, I don't know what the internet connection is going to be like.

So I thought I'd tell you about Rachael because she's the perfect example of the way that an open mind can mean that you discover something you really enjoy. Plus it's a real success in my campaign to get people to actually read romance before they comment on it - so that hopefully some of the tired old cliched responses to the genre might just f-a-d-e away. People still don't have to love romance - some will and some won't, I don't have a problem with that, but at least they've made a informed decision rather than a lazy, bigoted, knee-jerk one.

And Rachael is one of those who did just that.

You might remember that in June I did an interview for Gemma Noon at the Literary Project. I talked about the bad press that MIlls & Boon and romance in general gets - and Gemma, bless her, was totally in my corner. I offered some books to people who commented and Rachael was one of those who received a copy of Kept For Her Baby.

I was delighted when she wrote to tell me how much she'd enjoyed it. And doubly delighted to find that she had also written a post in her blog about rediscovering M&B and the way she had been converted from her own self-confessed 'book snobbery' to realising that she enjoyed these short romances.

So thank you Rachael - for having an open mind to try something you didn't know about, for letting me know that you enjoyed my book - and most of all for posting on your blog so that other people can read and, hopefully, be as open minded as you.

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