Monday, July 05, 2010

If You're Going to RNA (2)

Busy day today - I need to organise the cat-sitter, get my hair done, send out a bundle of prize books, complete the work on my talk for the RNA conference - thank you so much to everyone who sent in questions. I plan on answering those the best I can.

I still remember how it felt to head for my very first conference back in 2000. I was so nervous. But I soon got settled and this year I’m back for my 10th – how did that happen?

In 2002, I helped introduce some ‘newbies’ (aka Conference Virgins) to the Conference experience and then for the next 2 years I ran the first timers’ welcome scheme and newsletter – something that’s now an established part of the conference. So when I was asked to write a post for the RNA blog about the things a first-timer should pack, I just had to go back over my past newsletters to collect up my list.

That post is up today so if you need a little advice, why not visit me over there ?

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