Saturday, July 17, 2010

I might be back . . .

. . . I don't know. Not sure

I have a new computer coming next week. And I grabbed the netbook back from the person who had borrowed it so that I can at least communicate just a little with the outside world. If you've emailed me in the past week, then I apologise if I haven't answered yet. It's become an endurance test to send emails so I've rather given up on that.

Add in the fact that I am so so busy that everything is piling on top of me.

So belated waves to everyone I saw at RNA. But that seems so long ago and now I'm busy preparing for the next event - which is the wonderful Writers' Holiday at Caerleon. Personally, I can't wait and neither can the Babe Magnet - we are so looking forward to this.

Now I have some news about this just in case anyone is thinking of looking at a course on writing romance. Because after discussions with the organisers of both Caerleon and the equally fabulous Fishguard Writing Weekend, my teaching at these two events will now combine to create a more detailed and in-depth course. And if you want you can combine the two to get the best possible benefit.

So as far as I can see it, what's going to be happening is that the Caerleon course (5 one hour sessions) will be a basic Writing Romance course, with the grounding you'll need to approach romance writing.

Then the weekend in Fishguard 6 sessions) will be Romance - Moving it On. This will have more intensive workshops, discussions, one to one assessments of your first chapter and
synopsis . . .

So you can do the basic course at Caerleon and then you have 6 months to absorb what you've learned, plan out a story, write a first chapter and a synopsis and come to Fishguard to learn more.

At the moment the Fishguard course is filling up fast - past students who've already been on that course with me are coming back - but there are still places at Caerleon for this summer if you wanted to get started now.

The dates are coming up fast but in case you're interested you can still book a place-
Dates - 25th - 30th July
Place: University of Wales Caerleon Campus
Cost £399

And that includes all accomodation, board (there is so much food on offer!) two courses . (You can find the selection on offer as well as mine on the web site), a wonderful selection of hour long talks, after-tea sessions, a half day trip out, the fantastic evening with the Male Voice Choir . . .

(Oh, now I really can't wait!)

Another important bit of news with regard to my teaching and writing - and this time it's about the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance.

I was delighted to discover that the second edition of the 12 Point Guide has sold out just like the first. The publishers are reprinting the book again. This will just be a reprint, the details of the new names for the lines coming up have been amended but other than that it's reprinted not revised.

There is one difference in that it will now be published by Aber Writers' Guides and the cover will be slightly different - but I don't want those of you who already have the second editon (the one with the white strip across the front) to think it's a new edition. It has just the same details inside.

But if you haven't already bought the amended and increased second edition, you might find it's not available now while the reprint is done. My latest information is that the reprint will be available from October so you won't have too long to wait.
(And if you want it sooner and are coming to my course at Caerleon, I will have some copies there.)

Coming up - I will be doing the Conflict Q&A as promised - so look out for that

And thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of The Good Greek Wife? and so pout it on the bestseller lists in Amazon etc . I can't post any pictures at the moment, but the fabulous cover is on show in the side bar.

Right, here's hoping this posts OK and if so I'll hope to be back again soon.

Fingers crossed!


Kerrin said...

Yay for your 12 point guide Kate! i just bought it for my birthday and i'm about to start blogging about it! It is trully an amazing read. Though there are a few missing words and errors... :)

Laura Vivanco said...

Re A Good Greek Wife? I liked the way information about the small but significant detail was itself a small but significant detail in the overall design of the book. I always have had a soft spot for mice.


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