Wednesday, July 28, 2010


External makes internal worse
Internal makes eternal worse

Characters in conflict – under stress are instinctive not logical
They revert to ‘default position’, the most emotional, most basic, most instinctive and automatic response.Only if something or someone forces them to pause and think, to face what they are doing do things change

With strong internal conflict and strong interlinking external conflict, the stakes rise .
And to add more emotion and more conflict you need to the stakes.The most obvious way tpo do this in a romance is by having one or other of your characters - or both - fall in love.
Falling in love ups the stakes because -
Falling in love makes you vulnerable
Vulnerability increases conflict – ups the stakes

But the conflict in the story isn't just one thing that remains static and unaltered from the opening conflict. It must change and develop. And this will also increase the conflict and change it.

In acting out the transitions demanded by conflict your H&h will commit offences against each other
When your characters feel threatened they’ll FIGHT or they’ll RUN both of which will make the conflict worse.


Conflict is created when GOALS meet obstacles
To create conflict – give your character a goal – then have someone oppose that goal
GOAL vs GOAL creates an intense conflict.
Tomorrow we'll look at some of those possible goals.
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