Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Charlie's Diary - 6 months in

Hello  - Charlie here.

 My Mum  is busy with some Argentinian guy called Diablo - well, that's what she calls him when she's being polite. I've heard her call him some other names that she  says aren't suitable for this blog. After all she is a Romantic Novelist with a reputation for decorum and restraint to uphold (I can hear you all laughing!)

Anyway, I've been living here for six months now and it suits me just fine. You have to get used to some boring things - like the amount of time spent with books for one thing. But the food's good and there's plenty of it.  And these days I get to go Beyond The Door.

I love going beyond the Door - there is the ace thing called the Garden and it has grass and shrubs and trees to climb. I can spend all day out there.  Oh and I can chase Flora around the garden too. That's a lot of fun.  There are things called birds out there and I've caught one already  but it flapped and fluttered and I didn't quite know what to do with it so I dropped it and it flapped and fluttered off - but I'll get another one. there are plenty of these Bird things Beyond The Door.   I found where they have their food and I'm waiting!

There are also weird things that Flora calls The Prickles. They only come out at night so I haven't seen them that often. My mum says they are called Hedgehogs and you people know them as The Hecks.  I suppose that's cos every time I see one I say 'What the Heck is that!'

Flora and I are almost friends now. But she does get cross when I try  to pinch her box - she loves her box and doesn't let anyone play in it. And old man Sid is great too - sometimes we sleep on the bed together he does a lot of sleeping (because he's nearly 16)  so he doesn't come out Beyond the Door much.

So that's it - that's where I'm at after 6 months here.   I like it. I think I'll stay

Oh - a message from my Mum. She says that   the great  This Is What A Romantic Novelist Looks Like campaign now has it's own Facebook page - so you can see what Romantic Novelists really look like  - and 'like' it as well. You'll find it here.  not a blue rinse in sight!

Best Purrs

Charlie   - This is what a Romantic Novelists' Cat looks like   ->


Caroline said...

Hi Charlie - gosh is it really 6 months since you arrived at Chez Walker? Where does the time go (apart from eating, sleeping, purring, sniffing the garden and all it's delights, as well as making friends(!) with the other cats)? So glad you are settling in well. Play your cards right and you're in for the long haul if you ask me. Now go and wrap yourself around your poor mum as she slaves over her struggling WIP and she'll love you forever ;o) Caroline x

p.s I hope you've joined the Facebook page re that nasty journalist who says that all romantic novelists (like your mum)have blue rinses.

Rachael Thomas said...

Hi Charlie. Glad you're settling in well and enjoying all that is on offer beyond the door.
Thanks also for the tip on 'This is what a romantic novelist looks like'. Do you think wannabe romantic novelists can join in too?

Anne McAllistere said...

Great to see you and to read your column. I'm sure Sid appreciates your taking a turn so he can have an afternoon snooze.

I hope I get to meet you in person (catson?) sometime.

Have fun Beyond The Door!

TLATP (that's Sidspeak for The Lady Across The Pond)

Anne McAllister said...

oops. Anne McAllister can't spell her own name. Sorry!


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