Friday, May 27, 2011

Just discovered . . .

I've been focusing on the new book, persuading Diablo to co-operate (not an easy task!)  so I've not been wandering around the internet much.  But this morning I found something I wanted to share with you.

Over on The Pink Heart Society site, every month they have a special read and review section - the Pink Heart Pick  where the editors of the PHS pick a particular romance title, Donna reviews it and anyone who had read it can come along to discuss the book.

This morning I discopvered to my surprise that, at the bottom of the discussion about this month's pick -  Texas Heir by Linda Warren  - I discovered this -

And now for the June pick.....The Proud Wife by Kate Walker! It was just out in April in the US and Canada and in March in the UK, so you should be able to find it at online retailers in print and at the Mills and Boon site, eharlequin, and any other e-book retailer in digital.

We'll be back to chat about it on June 30!

What an honour - but ooo-er - the thougth of everyone discussing my book next momth is a bit awe-inspiring.  But I know a lot of you have already read The Proud Wife so I hope you'll come along and join in the discussion.

Just one little thing -  I noted today that the UK  version of  this book is sold out on  and on The Book Depository. So if you want to get your hands on a copy,  you'll need to visit the Mills & Boon site or download an ebook version. The American edition  is still available on   or eharlequin  in both print and ebook formats.

I'll hope to see some of you on the PHS site on June 30th to chat about The Proud Wife.

And if you haven't managed to get your hands on a copy yet, then as soon as I get away from Diablo, I'll run a quick suprise one-day contest when you  could win a copy in time to read and join in the discussion - to watch this space.

Back to my sexy Argentinian hero  - he's just about to learn something that will really make him mad!  I'm going to have fun writing this bit.


Kiru Taye said...

Yippee. I just downloaded my copy.

Donna Alward said...

I meant to send you an e-mail to tell you that it was the read of the month! It has been on my tbr mocking me while I finished my last book and I decided I had waited long enough. :-) I'm looking forward to diving in!

Trish Morey said...

Hey! Stop getting distracted! I love me a good Diablo - a bad one is even better:-))

Looking forward to your gorgeous Diablo!


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