Monday, May 23, 2011

Not the end of the world. . .

So the world didn't come to an amazing and rapturous end on Saturday.  Which means that now I have to complete the novel as my editor will actually be able to read it


b. I shall have to find some topics to blog about.

But as I really must must must concentrate on Diablo for the next couple of day (not a lot of hardship when he actually looks like this  ----->

a  couple of little bits and pieces to occupy you till I ger back.

Over one her blog the fabulous Liz Fieldiing whose brilliant brand new RIVA story Tempted By Trouble   is out now on the M&B site  has started a great series of Q&As for writers on her blog.   Her first post is up already on the topic of when should your hero on heroine first meet.  Great advice - and great reading. As  I know Tempted By Trouble will be - guess what's sitting on my TBR pile tempting me for when this book is done.   So Liz's blog is well worth a visit.

And if you read my post on the - er  - rather inaccurate and biased account ot the RNA at the weekend (it's in the post below if you missed it) it seems that lots of people who were actually at the event  that the reporter claimed she was describing noticed it too. Their comments are well worth reading!  Or perhaps the reporter was at some other RNA event in a  parallel  universe. ;o)


Quillers said...

Hmm, Diablo... very nice indeed! He looks like he could be a bit of a devil. In a very nice way! (Funnily enough I had the idea of using the name Faust for one of my heroes in an M&B style story - another devilish name).

gaelikaa said...

Sit down and get it finished. Can't wait to read it!


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