Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm back in one of my favourite places, Caerleon, Newport Wales, where I'm teaching Contemporary Romance at the wonderful Writers' Holiday here. My course doesn't start until tomorrow so I'm relaxing and talking to old friends, meeting new ones  and enjoying the sunshine.

We've already had some great main talks - one by comedy writer Raymond Allen (who wrote Some  Mothers do 'Ave 'Em) ande Yesterday Julie Cohen gave a great talk on My Writing Life. I've known Julie and her writing for years but her talks alwaysw give me new food for thought and her description of what she had learned about writing  - and herself - as her books grew from her original Mills & Boon romance to her current 120,000+ Getting Away With It was fascinating and stimulating.

The Babe Magnet looked after Julie's little boy while she was speaking, showing him the Roman exhibits in the museum, and enjoying ice cream in the sun.  Julie and I joined them later and we wandered round The Forum, looking at the amazing carvings and relaxing.

After talks on self-publishing and publicising your work, tonight's  Main speaker is comedy writer Brad Ashton who is celebrating 50 years of writing for many greats like Tommy Cooper, Les Dawons and even Groucho Marx. I've hear him speak before so I'm looking forward to that.

Tomorrow, the choice of courses changes and the Babe Magnet is teaching Writing Poetry while I'm  busy with the Writing Contemporary Romance - and in the afternoon, those who want can go on the excursions and see more of Wales.

Now I'm off to an 'after tea' session entitled Death in The Afternoon with crime writers Susan Moody and Janet Laurence.


Kate Hardy said...

Sounds as if you're having a great time - excellent. Give Julie a hug for me :o)

And I'm very envious that you're seeing Susan Moody. She's one of my fave crime writers from years back.

Kate Walker said...

I've met Susan several times, Kate - here at Caerleon and then she and Janet came on my course at Fishguard in February. I'll tell her you've enjoyed her books

Julie Cohen said...

Fecklet and I had a brilliant time yesterday in Caerleon. Thanks so much to you and the Babe Magnet! It was wonderful to see both of you and to meet the Caerleon Crew. An inspiring spot.

Caroline said...

Oh Julie beat me to it! I was going to mention "Fecklet" which I think is a lovely word that Julie uses to describe her little boy! Glad you're having a great time. Caroline x

Kate Walker said...

It was lovely to see you and the Fecklet Julie - The Babe Magnet had a wonderful time with him in thge Roman museum etc. And so many people have told me how interesting and inspiring they found your talk

Kate Walker said...

Hi Caroline - yes, I love the name Fecklet too. I'm waving to you from Wales - though a long way from Anglesey

Kate Walker said...

T'Other kate -Susan says thank you so much for your comments. She was thrilled you had enjoyed her books.Did yoiu know she has a new book out - Losing Nicola - paperback Sept 2011?

lidia said...

Kate, I am jealous! Seems you are having a wonderful time.

In my home town -- we have a "tea house." They sell antiques and turned (now more than half) part of the store into an a tea house. They cups and saucers are gorgeous -- all different kinds. And they have English items on their menu. I don't go there often - but when I do I think of you and all of the other British authors.

I bet that the Babe Magnet and Julie's son had a lot of fun. What a great way to spend some time.


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