Friday, July 01, 2011

Romancing the Book

Three years ago I spotted a request by Jen Karalfa who was looking for authors to interview for her new site. I offered to join in and had the honour of starting off the  new venture with  the first interview. That was July 1st  2008.

So today is Romancing the Book's  3rd Blogoversary Day  - and I was delighted to be asked back by Jen to start off their 3 year anniversary celebrations  with a special blog post.  I found this really interesting as it meant I could look  back on what had happened to me in those  intervening  three years.

So that's where I am today, on Romancing The Book's Blog looking back, looking forward - and  offering a  couple of copies of The Proud Wife  as a giveaway to celebrate.  Hope you'll join me.


Jeff Rivera said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary! or bloggaversary or whatever you did call it LOL. Please tell us how can we get a copy of The Proud Wife? It sounds interesting to read :D

Kate Walker said...

Hi Jeff - it's Romancing the Book that is having the Anniversary. If you're interested in The Proud Wife, you can post a comment over on their blog
and be entered into the draw - that closes on Sunday - or you could go really wild and buy a copy from Amazon or Harlequin!

Dawn said...

The Proud Wife sounds like a great book!! Thanks for sharing...


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