Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kitten Romance

Charlie has fallen in love  - but he's a bit of a fickle hero - he only longs for his heroine when she's on the wrong side of the door and he can pine hoplessly wishing she was with him.

The Offspring and his partner are having work done on thier house - the bathrrom is being taken out and competely redone.  So while chaos rules in their home, their cats have come to stay with us for safety and peace and quiet.

Well, peace and quiet when our cats don't realise they're here. 
Stumpy the Rag Doll and Creature the tiny  female black and white kitten are living in our dining room, while Charlie and Flora have the run of the rest of  the house. Sid just likes to snooze in  the calm of my office so he stays out of everyone's way.

But between the living room and the dining  room is  adouble door with panes of glass set into it - and Charlie spotted  Creature through this.  They then spent  most of the day with noses pressed up against the glass, reaching out paws to each other, with the windows between the,  She obviously thought he was a real alpha hunk - and he thought she was pretty cute.

For one day. Today I thought perhaps they could meet in reality. But it's obvious that the idea of being tragic, star-crossed lovers  kept separate by a cruel fate  is much more of  an enchantment  tahn actually coming nose to nose in reality.

When that happened,  Charlie fluffed up his fur, arched his back and hissed furiously. It was obvious he was declaring that he wanted nothing to do with her at all and that he had never loved her . . .

Creature, like the feisty little heroine she is, refused to back down or run.  'Fine' she seemed to declare. 'If you don't want me I will be fine on my own . . .'

Creature has gone home for the night now - and Charlie is wandering around, wondering where she has  gone - it's obvious he's missing her! But like a real alpha, he's just not prepared to admit it - not yet . . .

It's funny seeing the perfect feline romance being played out day to day.


Caroline said...

Ahhh they are all so cute! It's a shame they can't play nice. Caroline x

Jane Lovering said...

I subscribe to Terry Pratchett's notion of Cat Chess. It's what my four cats do every day - sit around pretending that they are the Only Cat in the World, whilst in direct line of sight of at least two others! Sounds like yours are far more sociable than mine...

Judy Croome said...

Gorgeous photos and delightful story! Princess Flora is looking extremely beautiful. Creature is just plain adorable.

Thinking of Sid and sending a special pat!

Judy, South Africa

lidia said...

Kate,all of the cats are adorable. I don't know how you find the time to write with all of the havoc and drama among the kitties. Great pictures!

Majid Ali said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jeff Rivera said...

I am more of a dog-lover person, but the cats are lovely.

Jan Jones said...

How funny. And how typical.

Charlie's face looks just like my Archer's, by the way.


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