Thursday, July 07, 2011

Here we go again . . . . yawn

So yesterday I was celebrating the fact that No Holding Back was being reissued in the Harlequin Treasury ...   Celebrating because this is a book  that is 16+ years old and has come round again for readers to get a chance to read it.

And today  I discover that in an article  in the Telegraph  the cover of this book - this  sixteen year old book is being used to illustrate an article about the reasons why Mills & Boon books are 'bad' for women because they  cause marital breakdown .   Can I say same old same old?

And in the case of the Violet Winspear book also used to illustrate this  accurate and up to date article - not! -  the poor lady died in 1989 - and the book illustrated came out in 1961!

Can I just say  those couple of little words  over again -  accurate and up to date?

And as for the fat that we romance writers never ever include the use of a condom in our love scenes . . .yawn!  Probably not in 1961 but as I just wrote  a love scene where the heroine  had the condoms with her in her handbag . ..  get some accurate information  journalists!

Still, it was nice to see my  elderly book get a showing


Nas Dean said...

Ohhh, no! Again?

Doris O'Connor said...

*yawn* I do wonder whether these people have ever bothered to read a M&B!

ninaharrington said...

Don't get me started.
You are spot on Kate, as always.
The covers are only part of it. I am astonished that this rubbish was accepted in a respected medical journal.
Insulting, denegrating and arrogant.

I shall make a point of toasting every romance writer and reader at the RNA conference tomorrow.
And raspberries to those who want to knock down any reader who aspires to a better relationship.

[ deep breath. must save energy to write even more marriage breaking romance and not waste it on nonsense like that]

Rock on writers.

Caroline said...

Grrrr. Same old same old. It does make my blood boil! Caroline x p.s you could rather cheekily send her one of your newer books so she can read a *real* M&B rather than just cut and paste some photo's of old book covers and write nonsense!

BiteMeAsh said...

Why don't they rather concentrate their expertise on relevant health issues and publish that in medical journals instead!

Romance novels are FICTION make believe fairy tales not factual facts. If only they took they time to read one of the books they would noticed that it states clearly in front pages that story is based on actual person or events.

Definitely won't stop me buying or recommending people to read romances!!!

So there ;o)

BiteMeAsh said...

LOL .... oops meant to say "story is NOT based on actual person and/or events"

Trisha said...

Obviously they did not do their research!

gaelikaa said...

This makes me laugh. Violet W is the first romantic novelist I ever remember reading and I was in my early teens. For someone who started out reading these books early - I've been married for seventeen years! First marriage too. I don't think that's a bad track record. Do you?

Madeline Ash said...

A old uni friend sent me the link to a similar article that claimed Mills & Boons pose threats to women's sexual and emotional health. I got pretty defensive, because I knew he'd believed the article without having ever read a M&B!

They need to get their facts straight and stop generalising about the genre. Thanks for the rant, Kate!


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