Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great Big Blog Tour Stop 13

13 may be unlucky for some but for me it's totally lucky because today my Big Blog Tour   takes me to visit some of my most favourite people ever -  The Romance Bandits.

I've visited their site several times before and always had a wonderful, warm and fun reception so I'm hoping that today will be no different.

Well, actually, yes it will be different - because the Bandits' blog and site is different - and brand new - you can find it here  with lots of great information about the Banditas and their books  and all that's happening. They've taken the Golden Rooster with them - and their favourite masseur Sven - and they nare running special launch Trick or Treat prizes - so there's lots to see.

They also have a brand new blog which you can find here - and that's where I'll be visiting today.  I'll be talking about my brand new book  - which is of course The Return of The Stranger - and how this story has really been brewing in my thoughts and my imagination ever since I was eleven . . . . that's. . .Oh . . . . 20 years ago! (And  bit more!)

I have a  copy of The Return of the Stranger to give away - and to celebrate the launch of the new site, I'm adding in a Kate Walker tote bag as an extra prize for one commentor - chose by  Charlie of course (He's getting a lot of practice at this so he's getting good!)

See you there!


Kaelee said...

I just posted that I really love the picture of Charlie two posts down. He's turning into quite the elegant cat. It's great that he's getting into his new job. Hopefully he doesn't get too chubby from all the picking he is doing.

Kate Walker said...

Kaelee - Charlie looks elegant in his photos but if you saw him come in from the garden with half the shrubbery on his fur and tail he looks a lot less elegant then! And if he gets wet he looks so bedraggled. . .

PS He's a heavy, big boned cat - but he gets a lot of exercise runnning off all the prize picking. Sid coped perfectly so I'm sure Charlie will


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