Monday, October 17, 2011

When I find him . . . .

. . . Charlie will be picking some winners.
The contest to win the Haworth/Bronte souvenirs after my visit to Haworth to talk about  The Return of The Stranger has now closed.

So has the Great Big Blog Tour Stop 11 giveaway for comments over on We Write Romance to win a copy of the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance

And as soon as Charlie comes in he will pick winners for both  .. . .er though that may be  a little while yet.    Charlie is a young cat,  having as he would say only just got a number -  that number being one. One year old.  So he is always desperate for the door to be opened and to get out into the garden - and he's never too desperate to come back inside! 

But at some point in the day  the urge of his tummy will bring him in and then I'll set him on to winner picking and announce the results  as soon as he's done his job.

Charlie is ready to become the winner picker  for the future but he would just like me to mention his loving memory of  The Great Sid  - that Cat of Superior Breeding  who taught him all he knew. Some of my gentlest memories of Sid's last days are of him and Charlie sitting in the hall - just hanging out together. And I'm sure that Sid was passing on all the wisdom of his 16 years,  He will have taught the Young 'Un  well, as I'm sure all the future prize-winners will know.

And so - for  Julie, Desere, Rita   and everyone else who have asked for 'more cats'  (Julie Thank you for the pic of Vala and Teyla and my sympathies on the loss of Mia -  I know exactly how you feel)  I've added a few cat picures to today's post to amuse you while you wait for the winners' names to be drawn.

And the next Blog Tour  Dates and stops will be coming up later this week - you can see the itinerary  here.  Don't forget that it you join my newsletter list  - see the sidebar  - you'll also get up to date news  and extra chances to win!


Susie Medwell said...

Hi Kate, I smile every time I see a picture of Charlie - he is so like a cat I had when I was a child!

BiteMeAsh said...

Lovely, thanks Kate.

Charlie is so adorable pity he is so far away - he and Sky would make such a cute couple ;o)

Kate Walker said...

Susie - Charlie is happy that he makes you smile. He makes me smile everyday. My first cat was grey and white but when I married my first cat in my first home was a ginger and white - I've had 2 more since then and it doesn't feel like home without them

Kate Walker said...

Hi Rita - what does Sky look like? Charlie already has an 'internet friend' in SA - Theodora (Theordorable) a female Maine coon who is very beautiful - but she's an older woman!

BiteMeAsh said...

LOL well Sky is a Siamese girl who has just turned 8 months ;o)


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