Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I found this review on We Read Romance this morning and after a difficult week it made my day - Thak you  so much Larissa!
The Return of the Stranger by Kate Walker

“Ms. Walker delivers a powerful, emotion-invoking read….”

Reviewed by Larissa M
Rating 5 stars

Ms. Walker does a splendid job weaving a modern-day tale of Heathcliff and Lady Catherine in The Return of the Stranger. Rich with intrigue, scandal, revenge and forbidden, unleashed desire her take on the classic Wuthering Heights reminds us why some love stories are truly timeless.

When I was a bit younger I found Emily Bronte’s story to be full of emotion, making it one of my all-time ill-fated love stories. And Ms. Walker’s current story based loosely on that epic tale lives up to the bar set by Bronte.

If you aren’t familiar with the classic, you won’t miss out but if you know the story I think you’ll see the parallels and enjoy watching how each plays out just slightly different. In The Return of the Stranger, Heath Montanha is a young man, a stablehand on the estate, who is friends with the young daughter of the house (Lady Katherine). But jealousy, circumstances and family tear their friendship apart leaving Heath hard and determined to seek revenge. Revenge being the powerful motivator it is, he builds his wealth and returns to show them all.

As usual, Ms. Walker delivers a powerful, emotion-invoking read that makes you route for the hero and heroine all the way through! A must read for sure!

Don't forget that the contest to win the Bronte Gifts is still open - see below. Charlie will be picking the winners soon -  he can't wait to prove he's learned  his job well from dear Sid.


Susie Medwell said...

What a great review - can't wait to read this book, at the moment though a combination of flu and too much work has meant the TBR pile has been neglected. Looking forward to it though :-)

BiteMeAsh said...

I loved reading the book, can't wait to receive more of your books ;o)

Holding thumbs too

Rita from South Africa


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