Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have winners

Charlie took some finding yesterday!  The sun was shining, he was out in the garden, I had to be out for  most of the morning,  and when  I was in the house he wouldn't come in. Then he got rather excited at the prospect of  eating treats and wanted to snarf them all down in a rush.  But I finally  got him to settle down to the job of picking winners. And the results are:

The Haworth souvenirs -  picked up when I went to talk about The Return of The Stranger  at The Bronte Society Festival of Women's Writing  goes to Theresa N
 - Theresa I have visited Beatrix Potter's home several times and what I love about it is that you can see places in the house and the gardens  that appear in drawings in her books.

And over on the We Write Romance Blog, the winner of the 12 Point Guide  to writing Romance is  Erin K

Theresa  and Erin  will you please email me  your postal addresses (there's an email at the bottom of every page of my web site)   and then |I can  organise getting your prizes in the mail to you.

Everyone else  - thank you for joining in. It seems so many of you want to visit Jane Austen's house - and I must admit that I have never been there. I have however visited her grave in Winchester Cathedral thanks to a guided tour by Sharon Kendrick.

If you didn't win a prize this time - don't forget that the Great Big Blog Tour has plenty of places to visit yet so check out the details on the Author Page and  see where I'll be next. 


Michelle Fayard said...

What a perfect pairing, Kate--THE RETURN OF THE STRANGER and The Bronte Society Festival. Now that's an event I could really get into. :)

Kaelee said...

this is such a great picture of Charlie.

Kate Walker said...

Michelle - I wish you could have been there. It was a great day - even if, appropriately enough, the wind was 'wuthering' and it was cold and wet.

Kate Walker said...

Kaelee - the trouble with Charlie is that he knows he is very photogenic and he 'poses' such a lot so I have to take his photo. He is a very beautiful boy


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