Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary to a very special couple

As many of you know, I spend  a week of my summer at Writers' Holiday  on Caerleon Campus at Newport Wales  and then I teach a residential writing weekend  at fabulous Fishguard  Bay Hotel in Pembrokeshire at the Writers' And Artists' Workshop Weekend in February every year.

But this isn't about the events - though you'll hear me mention them again and again a as February and the July come closer -
This is to send out a very special greeting  of Congratulations and Celebrations to the two very special, caring, generous people who run both Writers' Holiday and Fishguard Writing Weekend - and who are always ready to help, to offer a warm smile, and even warmer welcome and  between them have created two fabulous writing events where regular  visitors become more like family and even if it's your first visit to either event no one is without friends for very long.

I'm talking about Anne & Gerry Hobbs  - and today  is a  truly special day for the, Because today is their 40th wedding anniversary. (It doesn't seem at all possible so Anne must have been a child bride!)

As anyone who's been to Caerleon/Fishguard knows, it's usually Anne who does the front of house stuff while Gerry works behind scenes from his place in the Bookroom - so  to actually be able to grab a photo of him  isn't an easy task. However  once, just once I amanged to grab a photo of him and Anne after the Welsh Male Voice Choir performance on the last night of Writers' Holiday - and here's one of Anne in a  suitably celebratory mood - which I hope they're both enjoying  right now.

Many Congratulations and a truly Happy Anniversary my lovelies! Have a very special day.  I can't wait till we all meet up again in  Fishguard in February.

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